Spec Ops to rebadge?

I've heard rumours, whicht may or may not be true that R Sigs Spec Ops are to follow Linguists by rebadging as Int Corps later this year. Is there any substance to these rumours or is it bollocks?

Given the Corps made such a lash of IS it is hardly surprising the slime vultures are closing in on EW. The next step will be to commercialise or purpalise comms leaving Blandford free to tackle the armoured  corps about the proponency of tanks.
I thought that the rest of the R Sigs kept Spec Ops at arms length anyway, due to their either being posted to 14 Sigs, strange places in NI or big HQ's. There can't be that many of them (having met a fair few) as they all seem to know each other. You'll barely miss 'em.
i think it makes sense to move them to the int corps, there is not much need in our corps for them, and besides they are a strange bunch of people  ;D


the way I see it, with all arms re-badging etc, we seem to be heading the same way as Canada and just have a tri-service "defence force", and that proved to not work!

I think the MOD should have noticed how when all the clerks etc fist moved on the formation of AGC, clerks suddenly moving to different corps and regiments and having to learn all the nuances of each posting being slightly different to each other, and how many PVR's took place when that happened.

the same happens evry time they have a trade restructure, the old adage "if it works don't break it" comes to mind.

It might help in service retention as well,
If a Spec op is put in the "I" corps, then ends up as a troopie or trade instructor would they find it difficult to pass on to recruits information that they all want like "whats it like in the I corps etc?" if they have only been in it a couple of months themselves!!
I am inclined to agree with the majority on this one..
The Spec-ops tend to follow the DI-24 route with the rest of the cone-heads so it would be a reasonable move. We share the same personnel at MCM div anyway so I would presume it to be a simple paperwork exercise. But saying that - would it actually make any difference in the overall scheme of things? ???
spec ops would be better moving to int corps cause the restrictions on postings within the signals is too limited anyway, so they would be better off moving.

there still a strange breed though   ;D
Nevermind the int corps, they should all be sent to Broadmoor, wasn't a load of spec ops involved in that drunken gay spy thing in Cyprus back in the 80s. Anyway, I heard that spec ops monday morning parades are done in the bollocky buff with a tuna mayo baguette from the Naafi inserted up your Khyber.
i often wondered about the secret life they lead within the corps and impossible to check their P FILES, i wonder if the P stands for pedo.... ;D
as unlikely as it may seem, i saw a spec op the other day who actually had a suntan. Most of the spec ops i'v met are close to transparrant, after many years working in darkened rooms underground.

Any truth to the rumour than gollum from lord of the rings was played by a spec op on ren leave from cyprus?


couldn't be a spec op playing gollum - didn't have a walkman playing classical drivel, didn't stutter only had a lisp, and skin compexion was to rough and dirty fingernails...
Personally I couldn't care less if they made us all join the Int Corps - I'd be a WO1 by NAAFI break, and their Drill and Duties courses are a piece of pi$$ compared to Detties and Sergeants.
But will the tele ops remain transluscent, or will they get new diversity in employment, such as:

painting vehicles, sweeping hangars and conservancey parade???   For better or for worse?  Only time will tell ;)
Lets face it, does the Corps really look after its blokes? All its ever done for me is send me to sh!t holes I don't want to be in and make me do a job I was conned into (LCPL straight out of training, always in Cyprus, top pay band etc. sound familiar?). Being a spec op is a toss life anyway. Going over to Int Corps isn't that bad a prospect, although they do look like frogs in their mess dress.

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