Spearhead - Royal Wessex Rangers - Out on DVD

Excellent, been looking for that for a long time. Cheers.

I loved that series.(I was only 12) Much better than the shite, made for birds, army sanctioned pish that was Soldier, Soldier. So shite they emphasised it twice.

If it was so "realistic". How come c**ts weren't getting milled in every two minutes?


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More Info on Series 3

Running Time - 6hrs 12 mins
Certificate - tbc
Number of Discs - 2
Production Year - 1981
Subtitles - No
Region - 2
Nicholas Lyndhurst, Peter Lovstrom, Philip Stone, Glyn Grimstead
Derek Martinus

Nicholas Lyndhurst!

I feel a purchase coming on (and no, not because it appears that Nicholas Lyndhurst is in Series Three).
Thanks. I will be humming the Spearhead theme tune all day now.............. :wink:

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