Spearhead Deployment - Go anywhere nice??

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by biffins-bridge, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. As I was clearing out a drawer today I came across a Spearhead Kit List (funny what you keep!!). Got me thinking about being on Spearhead in '94. Just wondering - did Spearhead get called out much? Where did Arssers end up?

    I'll start -

    Troop Commander comes running into offices like an exited child

    "Get the lads together, we're deploying!!'

    All the lads duly assemble to be told by troopie that there had been a hurricane in the Cayman Islands and we (the Royal Engineer troop on Spearhead) were deploying for disaster relief.

    Visions of rescuing rich bikini clad American women flashed across the mind, so kit was loaded into Billy Bedfords and off we trooped to South Cerney. While on the M1 heading South Mrs Hussain's little boy decides to flex his muscles and sneaks the whole Iraqi Army to the border with Kuwait. Upon arival at South Cerney (after a detour to the Meadowhall centre in Sheffield to buy swimming trunks - True!!) We arrive at South Cerney to be greeted with the news - you're not going to the Caymens - you're now off to Kuwait!! - More Bedfords arrive carrying weapons and NBC Kit (didn't think we'd need these in the Caribbean!) and then the well oiled machine of the military swings into action - not!! Days of on the wagon off the wagon, trench coats on trench coats off follow with half the troop flying to Cyprus while the other half sit in a hanger at south Cerney follow until, at last, we deploy on what was now called Op Driver.

    Upon arrival at Kuwait international a solitary 9x9 tent sporting a Union Flag sits on the apron with a spotty RCT mover handing out very warm bottles of water to the arriving troops who are all dressed in their European pattern combat kit sweating their Bollox off!! Just across the apron is the American reception centre with air conditioned units, fridges full of gator aid etc etc.

    We then deploy and are told the plan - straight out of Blackadder. The British Battlegroup (Spearhead Battalion was Royal Marines) had no armour so the plan was to dig in a defensive screen, hold off the 6 Iraqi Armoured Divisions for as long as possible, then retreat (literally up stick and run!)while the US Division counter attacked!! Must have taken some real military genius to come up with that one!!

    Anyway Saddam saw the light - laughed his co*k off and withdrew his troops and we eventually went home. Never did get to use those trunks!!
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  2. Macrihannish - it wasn't funny. :evil:
  3. I ended up on Salisbury plain with the Green Jackets - it wasnt funny either.
  4. Got warned off for a deploymet to Monserrat after a volcano went off in '96.

    Made it all the way to 48 Sqn Hanger in Waterbeach.

  5. The RWR deployed to NI, Germany and Hong Kong!


  6. Got warned off for a deplyment into Albania in '97. Spent a week living on Westdown/hanger at Lyneham with Para's whizzing round on quad bikes and us making sure our Satcom kit worked. Then stood down at the end and back to camp.
    Got permission to leave camp on the friday after making sure my pager batteries worked, then 0800 Saturday morning, pager goes off. So i drive the 100 miles back to camp in an hour to be told we are deploying on a months operation to Central Africa................ just over 4 months later we return!!!! and get hit with BFT's the same week :-(
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    And this was in 94?????? Could have sworn it was 91.
  8. Sometime between 95 and 98 i distinctly remember sitting in a hanger on my burgen in full gear plus weapons waiting to go to the Congo for 48Hrs then not. Talk about anti-climax. :-(
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We were sat in 4 tonners at the gates of old weeton in 86 whilst the royal yacht picked up the expats from Aden Harbour, good old jolly jack saved me a one way ticket to hell. We still had some seniors who had been there withh the SCLI and they were not impressed!

    Oooh 10k post! :oops: I must be a real shiny bum!

  10. think you might find that was April - July 1997. deployed to Brazzaville for the duration while the RAF were in slipper city in Libreville, Gabon out on the coast. We got out a week before all out civil war hit the town.
  11. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Congratulations! :D
  12. 49 Para deployed to Mupetonga in 1987 when there was a coup d'etat and the British Government sent out a force to protect the then president Chief Bloodylazy.
  13. No, definitely 94. I did GW1 in 1990/91 and went back in 94.

    Apparently despite the yanks having every surveillance satellite in orbit watching him, lots of human intelligence sources on the ground and pretty much every telephone call in and out of Iraq monitored Saddam still managed to move the best part of the Iraqi army south to the Kuwaiti border without anyone noticing!!
  14. We arrived in Kuwait for Op Driver and reported with our 2 Gazelles to HQ 45 Cdo. to be greeted with the words;

    What are you doing here?
  15. Yeh, it wasn't the best organised deployment was it!! The good old Royal Marines had bumped our water supply trailer way down the air transport list and consequently had no water for their advance party!!

    Do you remember that crappy Kuwaiti camp they put us in? Lazy barsteward Kuwaiti army hadn't bothered cleaning up after the occupation 3 years earlier and it was still in a right mess with unexploded munitions and shoite all over the place.