"Spearhead" back on tv

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by velcrostripes, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. A trip down memory lane for the old'n'bold.
    Re-runs of Spearhead , made by Southern TV between 1978-81 about the ficticious Royal Wessex Rangers is being shown on Movies4Men 2 at the following times :February 8th, 3:00pm.
    February 15th, 3:00pm
    February 22nd, 1:00pm
    For some annoying reason the series link thing on Sky+ won't work , but if you go on :http://uk-tv-guide.com/search.asp?name=spearhead it will tell you the next dates.
  2. I remember watching that! Pte Twiss was played by an actor who also popped up in one of Joan Collins' soft porn films as a lover.

    I reckon the series was one of the first to try to be a tad more realistic about the army, a forerunner of Soldier Soldier.
  3. Soldier soldier is also being re run on men and motors.I forgot what complete rubbish it was till I watched one or two. Now , if they brought back "Wings" made in the 70's about the RFc I'd be well chuffed.
  4. Come to think of it , the bloke who played Twiss also appeared in an episode of the Sweeney as a squaddie on the run who was a bit of a psycho. Seem to remeber Regan shoots him at the end.
  5. You can get the DVDs of Spearhead and iirc wings on EBay, the spearhead dvds are 3 series long, each series roughly £22 a pop. saw a bit of the one on Sunday when they went to Wales, what barracks was it they left? Looked like Assaye?
  6. George Sweeney? He was also in the BBC comedy Citizen Smith he played the thuggish character "Speed".
    Remember the episode of Citizen Smith where they stole the Scorpion tank from a training area?
  7. Yeah , I saw sundays.Good drama I thought .Couldn't tell the barracks , though. Will look on E bay, Ta.
  8. You can buy the box set of all three series from Amazon, I did and it is fantastic. Loved seeing the shots of SPTA and Candahar Bks in Tiddles.
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I've said this before about the filming of Spearhead so excuse repeating myself.

    In 76 / 77 I was stationed at Aliwal. I vividly remember walking through the barracks as one did from Aliwal to get into Tidworth and passing a Southern TV OB set-up setting up to film Spearhead. The day was dull, which makes it more likely it was 77 (never a dull day in 1976) and memory suggests it was one or two further down than Assaye (Bhurtpore was next - my guess would have be next after that).

    However a battalion of Angle Irons were in Assaye, which would make it a good place to film an infantry battalion so it could well be me that's wrong. But all the barracks looked the same anyway, so who is to say?
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    It's not a tank, it's a tracked armoured car. Hmm. Good name for me book.
  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Candahar? Sounds to me like the barracks after Bhurtpore. Maybe I WAS right in me earlier post.
  12. I have just ordered the 1st series from play.com. Features a young actor by the name of Nicolas Lyndhurst playing one of the Privates.
  13. Distant memories of when I was a nipper - remember the guy who had a chinese wife as a whole episode was about her
  14. watched the first 2 episodes last night from the first series. Was def filmed in Assaye Barracks, anyone who remebers Assaye looking like that would be shocked now. Its all levelled and Aliwal has spread out a bit with the armoured regiments super diner now standing on what was Assaye Barracks regt square where alot of the Spearhead filming took place. Assaye and Bhurtpore are now 1 camp with 2 Artillery Regts in them.
  15. By heck, where did the cockroaches go to?