Spearhead 1978

I was eight in 1978. Growing up on a County Durham council estate I remember the kids games, "Japs and English", "British Bulldog", "Spearhead"...

I remember a couple of kids were particularly keen on Spearhead. They were the "posh" kids, brother and sister, who were a couple of years older than us. (Did every council estate have a mandatory posh family or was it just ours? Anyway, looking back posh just meant well spoken, or well brought up rather than dragged up.) I remember fancying the sister at the time but even then realising that she was out of my league.

@Fusilier5039, thanks for reviving those memories.
I remember Spearhead as being a more enjoyable and more grown up version of Soldier Soldier.

However, memory does have a habit of playing tricks and it's very possible that both were shit.

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