Speaking in tongues

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bomb_mac, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. While reading some posts I sometimes read them aloud in the accent I assume the poster to have.

    Geordie bloke easy
    Auld Yin easy
    The Lord Flash straight out of Black Adder

    but i must admit MDN has me stumped, I swither between Eastend barrow boy and Judge John Deed, does anyone else do this?
  2. Tally Bally Ho!

    I say old chap can you understand my banter?
  3. You sound like my old ma, Bore da
  4. I always read stuff in my accent, even when I know what the person who posted sounds like.

    Da iawn butt!
  5. Cynnil un
  6. Flash like Blackadder?? yes, Queenie, He sounds like Dale Winton

    RTFQ sounds like Col Nathan Jessop from a few good men, but its fake and he speaks through a Bontempi voice machine

    Aunty Stella sounds like Barry out of Auf Wedershen Pet.

    Geordieblerk is from Norfolk and sounds like Alan Partridge

    Scousemech is mute, but used to sound like Jimmy Corkhill

    Convoy_cock sounds like Liam Gallacher

    Blondebint sounds like a dog farting

    Rigger sounds like Ashley Peacock from Coronation Strasse

    PTP sounds Norris from Corrie

    Woopert sounds like Norman Wisdom, but camper

    Me? I sound like a cross between Fred Elliot and James Bond
  7. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    MDN sounds like Shakin' Stevens and even has the faded Levis jacket and quiff.
  8. Ooooh I forgot MIB..... He sounds like Donald Pleasance in the Great Escape, same glasses too
  9. What about Bickies? Please tell me he speaks northern...
  10. Bickies is a Jock, therefore sounds like a Glasweigan smackhead........with an affro
  11. I've got Sven down as Rik from the Young Ones
  12. I am always surprised when I hear my voice played back. I didn't know it was being recorded. If only I had read that PACE leaflet they give you...
  14. Excuse me Bomb, but I believe this dance is mine. Now then chainsaw, since in your, possibly over, fertile imagination I am homosexual, let me describe what I intend to do to you. I shall fist you unlubed up as far as the duodenum, clutching a handful of Scotch bonnet peppers. As I withdraw, I will release them, at the same time as the razor blades strapped to my heavy, metal, watch-bracelet cut deeply into your arse linings.

    No, I'm sorry, no matter how often you beg I cannot repeat this as I am elderly and find it difficult to brutally eviscerate a complete knobber more than once in a day.
  15. sir, be my guest, as me feet tire from dancing.