Speakers wife poses for dignified photo (not)

All very well, but the dignity of the Speaker was already undermined significantly by Gorbals Mick. all the same, he had been voted in (though God alone knows why).

Everyone knew that Bercow was an awful appointment, but he was voted in for nakedly political reasons.

It's not just the individual holding the office (or his wife) that is at fault, but the twats who voted him in.
Well, her husband is a graceless non-entity, so her 'behaviour' is no surprise. How exactly did this low-born, crass pair of yahoos ever manage to attain the lofty positions they delight in denigrating?


She's a bit of a boiler. In fact, she's a Bercow Boiler.

My hat?
Door's that-a-way?


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She is described as a Labour activist and political blogger, one who is desperate to obtain a Parliamentary seat, but clearly is an O2 thief of the highest order. LBC presenters were falling over themselves to say how 'lovely' she is on air yesterday, but all I can see is an irritating and grating publicity whore.
Irrespective if she does have a thing for obnoxious dwarfs, you'd all fucking do her . . :nod:

Given ½ the chance, Nah! ¼ the chance you'll be up her quicker than it takes her hubby to shout "Order!"

Good to see a bit of honesty at last from those in the HP.
She should be applauded for coming clean about her daytime job working the sheets,
whilst her husband is at work across the river sitting in a chair.
Let's hope she makes a clean breast of it and discloses her financials as well...
You'd think with all the money her hubby fiddles,sorry earns,that she could afford a decent dress? :)


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Silly old bat us up there with whatever Jordan is calling itself these days. Cheap publicity whore who will do owt to make the front page, but having no talent, tries to Pull A Jordan.

Two slighly puzzling aspects?

''complete idiot appearing in a newspaper wearing nothing but a bedsheet." How do they know she was wearing nothing but a bed sheet. Did they peer up it? She could have been wearing one of those horse-tail anal plugs, and by her expression I'd say it was likely.

''I didn't know I was going to be photographed in a sheet until I got there.'' So did she turn up wearing the bedsheet not realising she was going to be photographed? Or turn up in normal dress and the bedsheet ripped off her kit and wrapped itself around her using paranormal forces?

I'm confused.


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You'd think with all the money her hubby fiddles,sorry earns,that she could afford a decent dress? :)
She's just taking the opportunity to remind taxpayers that we paid £22,000 for their bedlinen. Yes. More than many people earn in a year. Because obviously they couldn't be expected to buy their own like we do, what with their tiny salaries, could they?
She is a Gwar that's trying to hide it behind those Blonde streak. That said, if she drained my man fat down her throat and never coughed any of it back up, then I'd forgive her for being a gish..
Silly Berkcow is just getting into character for her next starring role: 'Midget Porn Pt 69'
Do these disgusting, self serving, nobodies really not understand the concept of "dignity of pubic office!"?
Nasty common lefty slag bag. No decorum. No style. No substance: an ideal match for her pointless toadying little knob-end of a husband.
I've just read her Wiki entry . .

Posh Public School
Dropped out Posh Oxford Uni (Left after 2 yrs and did not complete her degree)
Was the social secretary of the the Oxford University Conservative Association 1
Apparently was a bit short on her CV about her time at Oxford and got sacked from a PR firm because of it.
Is a recovering alcoholic and, by her own admission, had loads of one night stands.
Actively campaigned for the election of Ed Balls as leader of the Labour Party.
Failed as a councillor for Westminster City Council 2
Does a ill-thought out photoshoot in official residence almost naked.

So in essence, she's a ex-drunk slapper, who's confused politically and has the tact and diplomacy of Osama Bin Laden and supported the one who came 3rd in the Labour leadership election.

She's make a very good Labour MP, she has all the credentials; Intellectual failure, No taste, lack of judgement and lies.

1 - ("cavorting with a stripper as he performed in front of Young Conservatives. What she couldn’t have known when she hopped up on stage to join ‘Terry The Minder’ was that he would later become infamous as the Black Cab rapist John Worboys", dubbed by the paper as "Britain's most notorious rapist.")

2 - Bercow stood as a Labour candidate for the St James ward of Westminster City Council in the 2010 election. However, despite much campaigning, Bercow received 868 votes; 1,000 fewer than her nearest successful rival.

Sally Bercow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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I've just read her Wiki entry . .
See some kind person (not I) has just updated her Wiki entry - just to ensure anyone looking for information on Ms S Bercow doesn't overlook such a wonderful example of dignity enhancing behaviour.

Didn't look too bad in those photos, but in others she's sufficiently equine as to remind me of the proverb about not bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted (after she moaned the pictures made her look stupid).

That is an extremely 'posed' photograph - she can hardly say it was un-planned!! What a stupid, stupid woman she is. Even more offensive is that she is using 'public property' to fck about in and also she assumes we will play along with her 'Ohh look at me, I'm so silly" games.

Edited to add, as this is the NAAFI : blame Feminimsismimsim you see, once they stomped out of the kitchen with their angry faces on, and stopped doing the cooking ....women now just go from one idiotic social mistake to another. Their brains are honed to peel carrots and clean glasses - that's really about it.
Ahem. The Public Property is outside the window and across the river. The pictures were taken in a hotel on the south bank of the Thames.
It's about time that this country stopped filling the corridors of power with professional politicians and instead replaced them with people that have made something of their life and have a CV to back up their words and actions.

I mean, on last nights news bulletin we were again faced with MP’s whinging about their frigging expenses. Pay for yer own fucking biscuits like every other fucker has to, cunts…!
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