Speakers position untenable

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Markintime, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. It seems that something is rotten in the state. Harman wont back the Speaker but, guess what, the man with no shame Gordo , he say Yes!

    One more step down the road
  2. I noted this comment as well, another step closer to a police state. Gorbals Mick is bringing great discredit to an already discredited Prime Minister and Government;

    Once self-seeking mealymouthed politically driven police are allowed to carry out fishing expeditions in MP's documentation on behalf of the home secretary purely to defend the home secretary or government incompetence, then democracy in the United Kingdom is dead.
    In the past this led to a civil war, it may do again and the police have to decide if they are on the side of the Country and the entire Houses of Parliament or if they are on the side of the current political leadership.
    They may have noted that the cases that are heard in court are 'The crown versus the plaintive' NOT the Labour Party versus the plaintive. If they cannot understand the distinction then they should be removed from office forthwith without pension.
  3. I may have missed it somewhere amongst all the denials by almost everyone who is a member of Zanu NL but who first made the initial complaint which started the whole investigation? I don't recall any other leak ever being spontaneously investigated by OB so who tipped them off?
    Perhaps one of the coppers runs Gordo as his 'Nark'. Slips him a packet of Embassy No1 with a fag and a rolled up wad of twenties, 'whatcha got for me then Gordo'?
  4. Bring it on. Right shall prevail.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The speaker's position has been untenable for about 5 years. He's one of THE fattest and most corrupt piggies at the trough of the public purse. Has anyone else noticed how he's been eating exceedingly well, at our expense?

    Funny how he's happy to let the rozzers feltch around in a Conservative MP's office without a warrant, but fight vociferously to exclude MPs and Parliament (the entire basis of our democracy) from the Freedom of Information Act; and thus deny the British people an insight (or oversight) as to what our elected representatives are getting up to.

    He should be put in stocks so that we can throw things at him.
  6. Can we throw grenades?
  7. Only if you leave the pin in... otherwise you'll disappoint the people behind you in the queue.
  8. Small pointy things with a suitable muzzle velocity.

    Treason is still on the statute books isn't it?
  9. If I recall it was one of the senior CS people at the Home Office, tho can't remember his name.
  10. Actually no, a certain Tony Blair had it struck from the statute books a fair few years back, with hindsight one can see why
  11. The speakers committee of 7 more experienced MP's that will sit after Damian Green's prosecution or investigation has completed will comprise:

    4 Labour MP's
    2 Conservative
    1 Lib Dem.

    Hardly balanced, and not what it sounded like when he was announcing it on Wednesday. Its like the Government allowing Monday to discuss the affair, the impression given that it would be an entire day devoted to debating the subject, it turns out to be 3 hours.

    Corrupt to the core, our parliamentary system appears to have been taken over and run by a rogue government. The speakers position should be neutral and non-partisan. Instead we have a government lackey running the system.

    Incidentally unsurprisingly Hain is to face no charges in relation to £100K of undeclared donations for his deputy leadership campaign. I have lost faith in our justice system also. It appears the law does not apply to those who support the government.
  12. BTD, update to your last, Clegg has pulled his LibDems out of the Inquiry so it looks dead in the water. If Cameron had some balls he would do the same then we could have a bit of pressure applied to Gorbals Mick-not holding my breath though.
  13. All the fat cnut does is sit on a perch and shout 'orrrder, ordeeerrr'
    I'll do it if they want, as I could do with a new kitchen.. :D
  14. The present unelected PM has to rely on the likes of Gorbals Mick and the rest of his Scots cronies to remain in power.

    Personally I fear that despite the high Conservative Party poll lead during the summer,Liarbore will somehow scrape in again. Election rigging using absentee or postal votes and allowing in unlimited numbers of immigrants and giving them citizenship,then letting it be known if Liarbore lose the upcoming election,their relatives will be stopped from coming to Britain being 2 of many underhand tactics used to garner votes to cling to power.

    I fear if Liarbore do win a 4th term,then Britain will become a full-blown fascist state,with political opposition outlawed using anti-terror legislation,allowing the government to assume absolute power.

    ID cards,monitering of email,phone conversations,use of anti-terror legislation to fine people for putting the wrong rubbish in their bins,CCTV on every road and shopping mall,some able to listen and record conversations.The makings of an Orwellian state are far advanced.

    If as hoped Liarbore do lose the next election,would Jacqui Smith qualify for employment on a Russian collective farm as a tractor driver on account of her butt-ugly face?.
  15. Apologies if a more suitable thread exists in which to post this, but it would appear that despite his position being widely viewed as "untenable", The Speaker of the House is determined to keep his fat, grubby little hooves in the trough for as long as he can. Can't find a link for it at the moment, but just reading the Sunday Telegraph and on page 8, there's a nice little story of how he has blocked an inquiry into his own conduct during the Damien Green affair. How on earth is that democratic? How is it ok to investigate the part that the Serjeant at Arms took in this matter and not his? Is there no limit to the methods he is willing to use in order to keep hold of his position? Where is Guy Fawkes when you need him?