Speakers for TV


Im getting a new flatscreen sunday and was looking into some external speakers for it.

I dont want to pay through the nose, but could i use PC speakers? Seen some here!

I just want to spice up the old gaming and movies.

Thanks all.


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how much do you want to spend? PC speakers are probably not the best option, theyre designes for best perfomance close up - you'd probably be far better going to richer sounds, buying a cheap hifi amp and speakers.

failing that, I have a Creative sub/satellite 2.1 system here that for the price and size sounds phenomenally good. Argos do their top of the line stereo set for about £70 I believe. but another £30 would get you a Cambrdige Audio stereo amp and some JBLs from richers.
Nooooo! Not PC speakers! Most are crap!

I agree with the others; try Richer Sounds and ask for advice. I bet they'll sell you an amplifier and all the other bits too!

You can get an entire 5.1 system from Asda, including Sub Woofer with built in amp for £49.99.

Unless you lounge is huge they will do. Mine is 33 ft x 18 ft and turning them up full whack just deafens everyone in there , sound quality is way more than I expected for £50 as well. I believe they do a 7.1 system now for about £20 more.