Spaz Walts or Spy Walts?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by sledgehammer, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Spaz Walts. Who need a life.

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  2. Spy Walts. Who need to get a life.

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  1. So where do these fall on the Walting scales of ARRSE?

    Walter Mitty Hunt Community | Facebook

    Welcome to Walter Mitty Hunt

    Looking at some of the various pages it would appear walthunters are turning into spy walts themselves with comments about on going investigations and secret walt operations or needing five man surveillance teams for an operation to out a walt. Is this not more a stalking club for those who must have the compleat James Bond DVD boxset before you can join?
    I noticed one of Toppers mates is a member!

    I like a good walt hunt but im not going to put my life on hold for the sad cunts!

    Walts - ARRSEpedia

    Spaz Walts?

    Spy Walt?
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  2. Probably beats train spotting, morris dancing or stamp collecting.
  3. A closed causal belm loop: belmers hunting belmers.
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  4. At least with morris dancing you get out to meet chicks :)
  5. And a decent pint of beer. :) :)
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  6. You forgot the poll button for:
    "I dont give a fcuk - more important things in life to do"

    Oh and Morris Dancers never short of Beer & Chicks.
  7. Style of writing suggests a "Tropper" involvement?
  8. The Infighting between the walt hunters is the more amusing part. If I am reading it right these are just one of a rival splinter group from another much bigger walt hunting organisation. How long will it be before there are WHC drive bys on the streets :)
  9. Maybe it's a disinformation campaign by walts themselves? Perhaps they're organising themselves and fighting back.
  10. A thread on walt hunters on the Waltenkommando forum, what fun! You should distinguish yourselves from these parvenus, use a nickname for yourselves, after all you were here first. I can picture the scene at 'The Danny Mitty Arms';

    'Oh yes, we started the whole idea, we're what all the others base themselves on. We like to think of ourselves as 'The Originals'.'

    Completely off thread, what happened to HMRC's attempts to get airsoft classified as firearms for tax purposes?
  11. Fixed
  12. Airsoft lost their tax appeal tribunal hearing mid march. They're officially toys and taxed as such. Only remedy is if govt. brings in legislation saying otherwise.
  13. I thought Airsoft wanted them classed as toys, thus attracting less tax, HMRC wanted them classed as 'firearms' arguing that they were used in training(?) A golden opportunity for the re-enactors to say they used real guns, not toys.

    Thanks for the info though.
  14. Tropper 'Likes' the Facebook site.

    Oh Dear . . :roll:

    The some being, anyone with a life

    These blokes take it to a whole new level.
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