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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spank-it, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. What is it with Spaz Spots - and I don't mean the zits surrounding their pie hole.

    I pulled in to my local DIY/Lumber/Hardware Superstore early this morning, it's brand new and no one else was there except for the eejuts working in the place. Scanning the humongous parking lot I noticed that some spaces closest to the store were all painted different colours. Orange for expectant mothers, green for hybrid cars and blue for the invalids. OK, I can just barely live with that - EXCEPT for the numbers -

    14 orange ones, 15 green ones and 15 spaz spots. Fourty fcukin four spaces reserved for shaggers, greeners and mongs.

    Who says to their pregnant wifey "be a pet and go pick up 3 bags of cement and a couple of flagstones, tks lovey"

    What are the odds of FIFTEEN spazzers hopping in the car at the same time and all ending up at the same store ?
  2. Are people with hybrid cars cashpoint cripples then? :?
  3. I'm afraid it's government bureaucracy and the law. Just like the MoD having to employ so many mong civilians.
  4. I always feel so guilty as I carry my hardware to my van past all the hybrid/expectant mothers/spacker spots because I'm really clumsy and keep scratching them. Such a pity that they don't have spots for terminally clumsy ex-squaddies a bit nearer the store.
  5. How many two by fours can you strap on a wheelchair?

    got be tough negotiating the aisles with four by eight sheets of gyprock balanced on the handlebars of the scooter.

    no wonder they need to park so close to the doors.

    can't be much of a progressive/inclusive store though.. my local grocery outlet has spots reserved for cars with infants/small children..little painted graphic on the tarmac of a child's car seat.

    thankfully I keep one of those 'baby on board' yellow diamond stickups on my back, heavily tinted window so I can park there with impunity..
  6. Government bureaucracy - no kidding. A gov department rented an office next door to mine for the elections. All the units have four parking spaces in front, on the 1st day the gov office puts up two signs for the spaz spots leaving them with 2 spaces, pity there were 4 workers from that office left without parking spaces and no I didn't let them use my spare two.

    But not once did I see the spazzy spots used.
  7. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Hybrid car slots? For fucks sake. They should be at the back of the car park. If they're that concerned about the environment, they can enter the car park, stop immediately, and fucking well walk the rest.
  8. wait until they put up the plug-ins for the electric cars to recharge

    and the lead baffles for the Mr, Fusion atomic Deloreans...
  9. I love parking in the spaces for "parent with kids" spots. I get out and sometimes people look at me funny, then I say "why should I be penalised because I don't have kids". No reply to that one.

    Also, the bays are normally wider so you don't run the risk of some spastic smashing their door into your car.
  10. Just remember a lot of the "Spazers" are ex service men who got F***up in service
  11. I always park in the spazzer spaces at my local ASDA, but I make sure I fake a limp into the store entrance and try to look a bit poorly.

    I usually go shopping late at night, and the whole car park is largely empty anyway. Even the night staff park in the spazzer spaces, the hypocrites :roll:
  12. They certainly are.
  13. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I use them all the time, I set the time on my blue clock card and display my blue badge which I am entitled to due to my war pension :D
  14. no but if i see your car
    then i'll scratch it with the kids car seat mit spikey attachment
    cunt! :twisted:
  15. Going back to the original post, I do think 15 disabled spaces a tad excessive and I can see that this can cause anger and/or even resentment.

    As you come back to your car squeezed into a space based on the size of an average family car (A Fiat 500 probably) and somebody has scratched your door or run a trolley down it, I can see there is a temptation to use those nice wide empty spaces. And if the number of special spaces seems disproportinate to the total number of spaces then that too could lead to temptation.

    But in a report, it was estimated that 1 in 4 of the population will at some time in their lives spend time in a wheelchair. It might be you, it might be your wife or even someone you love but there could come a time that you are complaining that there AREN'T enough disabled spaces and that some selfish cnut has parked in a space that he or she wasn't entitled to.