Spats - Whitening removal HELP!!!

Anyone got a clue how to remove the spit of satan that is shoe whitening from spats.

To cut a long story short, I spilt a brew on my right spat, washed it and left it to dry. Next morning (bout an hour before next parade) noticed a stain still on the toes. In a hurry, and running out of ideas, reached for the shoe whitener, and rather than thinning it out with water like normal,started to dab it on over the stain.

Now I have a the faint outline of a tea stain, interspersed by dobs of now yellowing whitener!

So far I have tried bleach, toothpaste (random idea from google) hours of scrubbing with a scrubbing brush, random swearing and nail polish remover.

any help would be much appreciated

Spats, as in those things that go around your boots? assuming they are leather, and the same type as the old "Buff belt" is made from.

Did you let them dry fully before applying the whitener?

We used to scrub the buff belt down now and again, as too much whitener tends to build up and make it flakey, so once scrubbed, it needs a day or so to dry properly, before re-applying whitener to it, otherwise, the "yellowing" will always be there.

Top tip, dont spill tea on whitened leather ;)
Agreed. Wet the spat and leave a couple of mins for the whitener to soften, then take a shaving brush to it and work the area of the spill and the canvas around it. Apply a wee dab of whitener directly onto the spill area and work it with the shaving brush as well to even it all out. Too much water is always a Bad Thing, it causes the whitener to comeo ff entirely.

Once you're rid of the stain, leave to dry and finally iron.
next time you wash the moter, take said spats and give em a power wash .this gets rid of the build up of whitner any stains and leavs a good surface to re whiten , or just nip down the Qms and exchange em :D
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