Spastics at Hasbro.


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We at ARRSE all know and love Hasbro as the company that threatened eternal fire and damnation for ARRSE if we failed to stop using the ARRSE (not) Potato Head soldier as an icon, hence the Mr Mushroom Head we have.

Well, they've gone too far now I tells yer! They've brought out a spastic toy with arms and wierd attachments that all go the wrong way.

The toy is called 'Spastic' and it's got 'stunticons', which I presume is small, twisted stumps for limbs.

Is there nothing these people won't sink to? Is there no depth that cannot be plumbed by these evil bastards?

Anyway, I'm soooo going to go online and buy some for my friends and family. I've even got a new slogan - "Everybody needs a spastic".
I would imagine the Sun or Daily Wail would have a field day with the use of 'spastic' by a big Spam corporation.
Bah! Mere geography is no barrier to the Troys of this world, soaring like eagles on their thermals of bombast, seething with the birdlice of censure, in search of the wombats of transgression.


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I've heard this Transformers toy range is going to include favourites such as Transmong, The Dribblard, Laboonerator and RoboSpashul.
And the one that no-one wants to play with...

Love Hasbro, there is nothing like shooting up still chatting Furbies... This is probably pre-market and is not likely to surface in UK/US or EU markets...
Certainly not The RapeApe!
Want that one!
Chef, it comes with one of these already clamped on its hideously distorted erection;

I fucking hate most charities who tend to be self serving twats looking after a highly paid righteous few.
I would tend to agree on the whole, however Scope is one that I do support as they gave me (and family) alot of help with my Brother who had Cerebral Palsy.

Oh, this is the Naafi isn't it ...... they're all a bunch of cnuts.
I fucking hate most charities who tend to be self serving twats looking after a highly paid righteous few.
I agree. At risk of going slightly off topic....

There's an established national charity that had offices near here. Soon after getting in some new furniture, they re-decorated the place and got new furniture too. So they chucked out the last lot of new furniture, which their staff then took away home! It caused a bit of local outrage at the time I can tell you, some even said they were Kunts! I know some people who went there for job interviews and right at the start they were asked, "How much money have you raised for us this year?". Bloody greedy Kunts!

I don't support them anymore, they're Kunts!
Transformers toys are well crap these days as they have hardly any moving parts to cater to todays (can't be bothered with anything) kids, whereas they were mini mensa challanges when I was young, which was great apart from the retaining pin most autobots used to have which saw them fall in half after a few days, but they were still better than this crap!
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