Spartan driver knocks down fence...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo_Zulu, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Oops...

    Now soldiers hitting things in vehicles isn't really that uncommon, so I wouldn't be posting this if it wasn't for the bloke second to the left in this photo:


    That's a caption photo right there :lol:
  2. I said right stick.....FU CKING RIGHT STICK!!!!
  3. Good grief! Is that another one that's crashed?

    Oh no. It's the same one. Must be a different fence.
  5. Hello,

    "All girl R.A.C. Spartan crew ready for Afghanistan."

  6. This wasn't that funny the first time around.Also it's still in Norfolk,who cares.
  7. He is also parked near a junction. :lol: :lol:
  8. So the missus is an opera singer eh?

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  9. Pah! A fence? A measly fence? If you wanted real crashes, 1980's Germany was the place to be.

    (Retires to armchair next to fire, slippers, pipe and a brandy)
  10. The correct use of a biffing stick may have avoided this mishap? :wink:
  11. I can't see any Tank in that Pic.....Not like the Press to get a tiny detail like that wrong.
  12. As Elvis Costello said "Accident will happen". If you follow the first link and watch the BBC report to the end you'll see that the 'victim' was very good natured about the whole thing and on realizing that she could have earned money from the pictures they had released to the press, had decided instead to invite some of the Dragoons to one of her concerts and donate some money to H4H.

    See, there are some nice people out there :D
  13. ................and he's got faulty headlights. MTO, "Did you first parade that vehicle?".
  15. Blimey, a fence? My squadron managed to reconfigure a bus shelter! I expect better from today's regs.

    But I did like the quote about the bloke behind the wheel.