Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Radders_11, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I'm starting basic at lichfield on the 7th august, i going RE as sparky

    I been working as a service engineer for a couple of years and i just finished an apprenticeship but on the electronics side of things and i havent really done too much electrical installation work or anything like that. Although i can wire a plug and a few other basics lol

    So just wondered if its a good idea to read up on the subject and teach myself some more basics before i go in, did any of you sparkys know a thing or two before you went in or did ya start from scratch??

    Any replies helpful

    cheers mitch
  2. The majority of tradesmen go in from scratch. Theres not too many 18 year olds out there who have done an apprenticeship in what ever trade. If experianced tradesmen do join they can apply from exemption from training. They will go down to Chatham and do an assessment. The level of their skills determines if they qualify as class one, class 2 or have to start from stratch. One of my mates had been chippying for a good few years before he joined up but had to do his class one as his Scottish qualifications didn't mean as much! Hope this clarifies things. Good luck in training.
  3. i had worked for an electrical company before i joined as a sparks so i knew about the installation side of life, BUT the sparks course is a lot more varied than just installation work. if you want to read up then do so it will do you no harm at all but like plant_life said the majority of the corps start from a blank canvas.

    good luck in the corps fella.

  4. I knew nothing about being a Sparky until i joined, i suggest you brush up on Maths and Physics as these will come in handy.

    Enjoy the Corps and welcome.

  5. cheers fellas, i just wanna get there and do it now
  6. Definately agree with S/S, get your maths up to a decent level.
  7. Hi Radders_11,

    I am also thinking about joining the R.E and picking up the sparky trade, my question for you is; how long did your application take to get in the position where you are now? ie the first day you walked into the AFCO and enquired?

    Many thanks mate,

  8. I walked in around feb with all my documents on me so i didnt ave to make a second meeting for all that. Then i kept phoning them to make appointments rather than them phone me, the bit that takes the time is the medical document and security check, and different trades start on different days.

    hope that helped and gd luck fella