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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by bootneck01, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. After doing the ctts course ( bag of shit i might add) i cant find employment anywhere, and should of took advice of my parents lol and do a sparky's course. Starting from scratch i have been looking at college courses, what are the ones to go for, what is the job situation like for sparkys. The long term goal is to move to Canada as the missis is a qualified nurse and has no problem, but i dont want to go over there just cause i am married to her, i want to get a good trade. Any advice would be welcome.
  2. I have done the Canadian sparky course. The trade's are a lot different over here and it takes a full five years to get your Journeyman certificate which is a combonation of college time plus time served. The Sparky trade is high paid when you are working but is quite subject to periods of working and unemployment been out for two months waiting on the snow clearing for new construction to start it also varies from region as to the amount of work but it usualy is quite good.
    British qualifications arn't that usefull the colour of wires, voltages, frequences construction methods vary so much from europe and the trade has some very different legal issues concerning building permits and if you do some dodgy wiring that is not up to code and someone gets killed or property damaged you can be charge with manslaughter and taken to court to pay for any damages.
    PM me if you wan't some more info.
  3. I know of three sparkys in the UK who have lost there jobs quite recently, the lack of building work has really affected the industry. A couple of lads who are self employed say its a pain in the arse because of yearly changes to legislation and the need to update on expensive annual courses.
    You might be better off considering taking a LGV course, you can get through to a class 1 for just over two grand and the skills are transferable to Canada, although its not considered a skilled occupation in the same way as a sparky is, there are still shortages of the trade both here and in Canada and sponsorship is reasonably easy to get from the companies over there. Here`s a couple of links, one is from 2006 but is still fairly valid.
    Truck driving in Canada
    Canada needs truck drivers
  4. I would rather stick to a skill trade either sparky or plumber, so just trying to find out whats the most transferable, as i already mentioned my missis is a nurse and has no problems, she has turned down jobs in Oz land cause she wants to go Canada and i dont want to go over on a token effort.
  5. i am a sparks in RE.
    if you want the qualifications you will have to do the PROPER cse's, couple of our lads did resettlement type cse's thinking they would end up having same quals as me (22+ years in The Corps).
    C&G 2330 (lots of different levels)
    C&G 2382
    C&G 2391/2
    C&G 2377.
    i have loads of stuff on my hard drive past papers etc.
    PM me if you want.
  6. Thanks for advice as for what quals to go for, the only good thing about the ccts course was that it has enabled me to go for higher education, so i will be looking at doing a HND or something but not in telecoms, just another technical subjuct. I think, well certain that i will never do a crash course ever again, i would rather just do a few years in learning and get real hands on experience. Looking back at doing the course there is only one winner and that is Martin, 6k for a course, one word MUG.
    I will keep every one udated if i do manage to go in to higher education, so if there are people in the same situation as me, it will give them another option to consider.