Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Sorridstroker, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Well I have been told today that I am too old for POM (by 4 months ).

    As I am a fully qualified civillian sparks and I really would prefer to join RE I am considering joining as a sparks, I have been told I have a very good chance of the bodies that be overlooking my age due to my qualifications.

    Reason I hadn't considered this before as I was getting tired of all the b*llsh*t that the goverment is making for a self employed sparky in the civi world, I still love the job though.

    My question's are:

    What would my civillian qualifications get me in the army? (I am fully qualified to 16th edition)

    What kind of exams/praticle test would I need to take to prove my competence and at what stage of my career would these take place?

    How much trade training could I realisticly miss out.

    Don't missunderstand me I am not interested in shirking any training, but on the otherhand I do not see the point of learning things I allready know.

    I am only talking Trade Training not army training, I appretiate I know f*ck all about army procedures.

  2. Ok,

    Phase 1 you will do, marching, shooting and the like,
    Phase 2 you will do, Combat Engineering, building stuff, blowing stuff up, putting mines in the ground and then looking for them again, producing water, and then learning to drive on it (boats), and making things hard (protection).
    All this will take about 24/25 weeks to do depending on when you join.
    Phase 3 is the trade training bit, as you are a fully qualified sparky I believe you will only have to complete a couple of assessments and then you should be good to go.
    If you want to do something completely different and keep doing your trade I would sugest going to a specialist unit (well drillers, Military Works Force and such like) once you have completed phase 3. If you want to be a combat engineer which is a real possibility after you have done phase 2 go to a normal field unit, pref in Germany.
    I'm not too sure what the score is exactly with pre-qualified people but the Engineers are very short of decent Sparky's so I'm sure you will be very welcome.....
  3. christ how old are you??? :?
    pm knockertilltheend as hes a feckin good sparks and loves it
    just dont let him know i sent you as he may think its praise
    and we cant have that :wink:
  4. depends on what qualifications you have as a sparks if you are qualified to "part 1/2 & 2381/2391" then you should get an assessment & after passing you would be a class 2 if you already have your "part c" then again i would imagine that they would have some sort of assessment & then grant you class 1 status.

    trade trg wise i doubt that you would miss out on much as all the stuff we used to do are now "spec quals" (ohl/ugc/airfields.......). eh sparkysapper :!: :!: :!: :!:

    pretty sure that is how it will work BUT do not quote me.

    excellent choice of trade though & you are damn lucky you are old & missed out on being a "mud muppet" 8O 8O
  5. Thanks for the replies. :)

    Only have Part 1 & 2 (NVQ 3)- Never got round to doing Testing and inspection exam (even though I did an 18 month contract doing this!)

    Getting nervous and excited again now as my application has been on hold for 12 months due to laser eye surgery.

    To be honest I don't really mind Doing all the training again, it's not going to do me any harm - just want to get in there and get it done now.

    Oh by the way I'm 27 - can't wait for all the grandad jibes in basic :s

    Is there such a thing?! :p - Thought we all just blagged it.
  6. not 100% sure if the 2391 is a definite for your class 2 status.
    i did mine at civvy college because the army never recognised that all of us ahem...."more mature" sparks did not have the qualification & also the 2381.

    pm me if you want any more details or contact "sparkysapper" he also is an OLD CNUT 8O 8O 8O 8O
  7. CORRECT :D :D :D :D
  8. When i was on my Class 1 we had an ex civvie sparks come and do the assessments, he passed the tests and then just completed the UGC/OHL and airfield lighting then was awarded his Class one, he was one switched on cookie, for some reason had left his own company to join up.


  9. Cheers mate, nice to be old sometimes !!

    But if you need any info, pm me and i will see if i can help.