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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by queersandsteers, Jan 31, 2002.

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  1. Can any of you dirty scalie horrorbags please tell me why you call yourself teeth arms?
  2. The_Tara

    The_Tara Old-Salt

    Any thing to do with the fact that when they are just about to lose their baby teeth they join the Sgts Mess?

    Ever noticed that Scaly Sgts dont know how to behave in the Mess? I always thought it was because they didnt have Cpls Messes and therefore didnt learn the basics of etiquette..............then someone told me how much it would cost to provide a Cpls Mess during their basic Training and how long they actually spend as Cpls; (incidentally the best and most educating rank in the Army)
  3. Jimmy

    Jimmy Swinger

    Teeth arm. What a quaint out-dated expression. A term from the days of yore, those nostalgic days when the tank actually fired its main armament in anger, when the aircraft brought down by an air defender was intended and when the gunners used more than an illuminating round against the enemy. Hey mate put on the kettle we will soon be home for tea and medals. Mind we haven’t got long … just when will we find the time to paint the f******g kerbs in regimental colours like the combat arms do.
  4. bigbadjimmyp

    bigbadjimmyp Old-Salt

    Oi Mr ill-educated!!!
    we are scaleys...not scalies.
    Oh, and you roughy toughy, 'ard people may resent us being labelled as "Teeth Arms" by the powers that be, but the fact remains that wars are in fact won and lost by communications (excuse the trade training cliche)
    If you want to spend your natural life charging round in a warrior, feeling sick, and living in a muddy hole...then thats up to you. And a grand job of it you all do!
    We chose someting different to that maybe because WE had the choice, who knows?
    Or maybe we just had an incling of what we want to do after the army and headed in that direction.
    After all....civvy street is screaming out for infantrymen and others of that ilk...maybe not eh?
    So who really cares who gets labelled as what, and for what reason??
    Certainly not I (must be some testosterone driven urge or something)
    c u l8r    ;D
    wee jimmy!.....nice one!
  5. bigbadjimmyp

    bigbadjimmyp Old-Salt

    The_Tara...have you actually ever visited a signal regiment??
    If you had, you would know that only a small minority of people graduate from ph2 training with a tape, and absolutely none leave with two!!
    It is agreed that Cpl is the most educating rank that there is, however it is only the technicians who get promoted at anywhere near the exaggerated rate that you have suggested.
    And everyone hates techs!
    (and yes it probably is jelousy!)
    If you want to have a least do your homework!
  6. The_Tara

    The_Tara Old-Salt

    I did do my homework and you agreed with me. It was the techies I was on about!
  7. To paraphrase,   oh you poor ill-educated fool, its techs not techies.  

    The finest body of chaps the army has ever produced.  Intelligent, trained for nice civvy jobs in phase 2 trg, time promotion and still have money left at the end of each month.  I think they're grrrrrreat.
  8. A couple of points.Techs are universally hated for a variety of reasons, ranging from:

    1.  The fact that they are promoted upon leaving leaving trade training (although they are not the only ones, RMP being an example)
    2.   They are then time promoted despite blatantly not being ready to hold their current rank let alone the next rank up.  
    3.  Add to this the fact that they are generally lazy work shy fops who give the remainder of the Corps a bad name and who are paid far too much and it is no surprise that they are so popular!

    That said though you do occassionally get one or two genuinley good Techs who are also genuinley good JNCO's/SNCO's.
  9. Capt-Dullard,

    At first I thought you must be a liney or ED, but there weren't enough spelling mistakes.  You're not an operator because you got through and your message was clear.  

    Therefore you must be one of those sad failed techs, who remembers that techs come top of every cadre, detties' and sgts' course, always get the best chicks and own the nicest cars without getting them repossessed.

    Never mind, dry your sad little eyes, one day you may get the greatest career chance in the world.  RD.  Oh how happy you must be.  No qualifications, no rank and no prospects.
  10. MunichMan

    MunichMan Crow


    More like The_T*T.

    In my present Unit.  Wait for it U tube...

    Here we go......

    RSM - Ex Tech - Previous RTg
    RQ(A) - Ex Tech
    RQ(T) - Ex Tech
    Trq Wg SSgt - Tech

    There are more.

    Wind your neck in, otherwise some HAIRY-ARSED TECH will cut your head off.!.!
  11. Do we have any?  ???
  12. Greenbaggyskin

    As you may of guessed your comment did offend, i have never yet found a tech that is either big or capable of cutting someones head off.

    Thank you very much for your worth while comments on the COMBAT trades and i do hope that your ERV is to your needs, oops forgot half the techs cant drive hgv and oops forgot no ED's no power, and oops forgot no liney no phone no talking to mummy.

    Being the trade that started the corp perhaps some respect is in order? We dont hate all techs, just stuck up ones like your self.......Hope the money is worth being hated!!

    Never mind I'll take the lower pay and keep my tradition and MATES thanks ;)
  13. The point is.... why aren't there more ex tech RSM's, QM's and Trg wing S/SGT's when they all get such a head start and such a sheltered early life?

    I think it was an exception rather than the rule.... or is your unit so unpopular that they can only get ex-techs to fill the posts? Then again, check the line bay..... maybe all the lineys are ex-techs??   ;D
  14. ASXTC

    ASXTC Swinger

    Being a Tech for the last 21 years I thought this ought to be the first place to post.
    Like any other trade there are good guys and not so good. The really bad ones need to be gripped (just as you would with an operator, ED, Liney..Ooops I mean Driver :p). The initial responsibilities that a young Tech has (tools/equipment/engineering skill) is one of the reasons that they are promoted quicker than some others...not all of them fit the bill I will agree. Cpl Techs are nearly always chosen as sect comds on battlecamps in an effort to speed up their development (because they are intelligent enough to handle it). Most Techs turn out to be decent blokes..just like the next man.
  15. Fozzywozzy

    Fozzywozzy Swinger

    I never heard complaints about Tech promotion when the duties lists were posted.  Other trades seemed to be perfectly happy to accept Techs as JNCO's then.

    Basically, you cannot pick and choose your occasions to accept / unaccept fast track promotion.  Right or wrong (and I actually believe it to be wrong despite my background) it is here and has been for a long time.

    Perhaps (and here's a novel idea) you other trades could actually carry out some mentoring to ensure that Techs come up to the mark as JNCO's and don't embarass you and your earned promotions.  After all, despite the slagging and banter, we are all on the same side and a Units reputation sinks or swims as a collective all.

    At the end of the day, a tech is as much a victim of early promotion as you are of not getting it and who, as a sprog, would actually have the guts to refuse to wear the rank?

    Just some thoughts.........