sparkassa overdraft

i arrive in germany on tuesday for a 3 year posting,
when i open my sparky account will i be able to get an overdraft with it ?
yes after you have your salary regulary paid in you can get an overdraft but its only there for a month not constant like in the uk. Best to speak to the sparkasse bank lot when you open your account
Ah...the old badministration eh? I wasn't actually having a pop - just admiring what may have been your enthusiasm to get out there and live it up!!!

Hope things get sorted soon - good luck.
no harm done i rejoined because i missed the good old squaddie banter
just didnt realise we worked for no money now a days must be, the bit i forgot to read on my terms of service.
iam in germany and as far as banks go sparky is pretty s##t most blokes enlist the help of german girl freinds and such to do the talking, most of the time you get the old ( the unit before you messed things up not paying bill etc ) see 'tarred with the same brush'


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How quick can you get a German account set up and cash paid into it?

I'll be at my new unit on June 1st, will I be able to have a german account setup and my wages paid into it by June 30th?
Shouldn't be a problem. If you have your self service password once you've set up the account (which won't take long from what my sources tell me) you just add it yourself and decide what goes where.. or your HR staff can do it if you don't have self service
It doesn't matter wich bank you use in Germany, you will be able to get a Dispolimit (overdraft) with all of them.
You can normally have two times that of what you put in the bank each month, so if you put 1500 Eur in each month you'll get a dispo of 3000 Eur.
It also doesn't matter if you are overdrawn each month so long as you do not go over this limit.
You will ofcourse pay some intrest on this.
If you don't have much money I would recomend another bank like Post bank for example it's cheaper so long as you deposit a min of 1500 Eur each month.

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