Discussion in 'Sappers' started by taff_dee, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. I have just started my application to be a spark in the re. Will i still get the chance to do combat engineering aswell as my trade
  2. You certainly will. In fact, the likelyhood is that for your first posting at least you will do very little sparkying and a lot of combat engineering. (If you consider sitting in the G10 running-up the Countryman generator and oiling shovels combat engineering....)
  3. good choice my friend i've been a spark for nearly 17 years in the Corps, try to get a trade posting if possible power tp would be a good start or 25 in N.Ireland so at least you can keep your hand in otherwise like the man said cleaning & oiling tools about sums up being a knocker these days notg like the 80's where you earnt you spurs as a sprog.
  4. CRE (Airfields) good posting for sparks as well.... get attached to the civvie ppm company and just do sparky stuff although ya do get 'loaned' back to the mil for tours!!!
  5. i can certainly vouch for that as well but being a "civvie" to all intense purposes is quality & you get every cse under the sun as well.
  6. An excellant choice of trade, most of my career i have done sparkying and very little Combat Engineering but wouldn't change it for the world and a great civvie Qual as well.

  7. if you can get away with that then you have done well know a couple of lads that have managed it but the the majority of us still have to serve within the real corps which at times can be quite frustrating. Qualifications are fantastic for civvie street i agree i have more electrical quals than some clerks of works now.
  8. Never said i hadn't served in the Real Corps just been lucky that is all, always done mainly trade postings and not many Cbt Engr postings.

  9. wish i could say the same fella but i've spent the majority of my time as a knocker & sparky on tour apart from my last 18months spent at CRE Airfields. will be hanging on here for as long as is physically possible.
  10. Im starting basic soon and have just finished college... i have city and guilds 2330 level 2 in electrical installation, will i have to do the full length of trade or will they knock a bit off as i'm semi qualified??
  11. what units have you completed????



    he will probably give you a more definative answer.
  12. Ive got my full level 2 certificate in electrotechnical technology - installation (building and structures) its broken down in to:

    Application of health and saftey and electrical principles (stage 2) practical assignment

    installation (buildings and structures) practical assignment

    application of health and saftey and electrical principles on-line

    working effectively and safley in an electrotechnical environment on-line

    installation (buildings and structures) on-line

    I've just read all of this off my certificates hope it helps you to help me.
  13. as i said send a PM to sapper145, he works in that area.
    i'm just a sparks also BUT those numbers mean feck all to me (C&G part1/2 & part c for me)
    if you are lucky you may just need an assessment & hey presto class 2 status/wages granted.
  14. Just have cheers mate. ;)
  15. nae dramas.