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Not sure what is the right forum for this.

I have an exercise bike, a Body Sculpture BC1510. Due to doing a little DIY I moved it outside, and covered it. However, the weather took a turn for the worse, and I was imprudent enough to leave it outside for a few days.

I never thought to remove the electronic display unit (which was working perfectly) when I put it out. Opps! Now the bike is indoors and the mechanical parts work, but the display is FUBAR. Rather hard to judge speed/distance/etc when the LCD screen cannot display whole figures. Doh!

Any ideas on how to get a replacement - perhaps buy a replacement unit from someone else?
Well, they sent me a replacement unit - however, it has a square connector instead of a jack plug like the old one. Presumably the output from the bike itself will be a weak ac signal therefore polarity will not be an issue, so there's nothing to stop me cutting the new connector off and out the jack plug from the old unit in its place?

Yes, I phoned the company and they didn't see an issue with this, but you can't be too careful. I'm a tightwad and dislike the idea of knackering the new unit and having to buy a replacement....
I am sure that I cannot cycle at 80km/h. It doesn't produce a sensible reading.

Perhaps I should try reversing the polarity, and see what happens? (My prediction is that it will make no difference.)


Get some flyblown crack whore to ride it for half an hour and enjoy sniffing the seat.

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