Spare wheels on Wolf

Discussion in 'REME' started by soldiersmum, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Can any of you Reme guys please give me a definitive reason why spare wheels are placed on the side of the Land Rover Wolf?

    Soldiers Mum.
  2. erm cos thats were rover put them and also had something to do with a trial if i remember about visibilty, and puting extra kit on bonnet
  3. It´s to improve visibility, and remove weight from the bonnet.
  4. also allows officers to unfold their maps completely onto the bonnet when their lost
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  5. I got told by some RLC WO2 that WOLF stands for.........


    so if the wheel was on the bonet, it wold be called a WOB's

    landrovers overseas with the spare wheel mounted on the right hand side should be called WORF's

    Who makes the sh!t up???? LOL
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  6. It's so the drivers can take out cyclists.
  7. Also...

    when you are working on the engine and the bonnet stay is old, rusty and loose.......

    The whole thing is so heavy, it comes crashing down, knocks you clean out, and leaves you bleeding in a mess on the floor!

    probably another reason why they moved it!
  8. I thought that it was beacuse the bonnet is made of re-cycled coke cans and was deemed to be too flimsy to withstand all that lifting up and slamming shut during first parade servicing!
  9. To make it even harder to look at your left hand side when changing lanes.
    Frees up space in the back, although them never had a problem when they were cuttig about in pinkpanthers.
  10. isn't it because all birds in the forces are built like supermodels rather that garth and can't git the bonnet up?.....................................
  11. Simply because the bonnet was manufactured too weak to take the weight so an alternative had to be found.
  12. Prolonged driving in heavy conditions batters the hell out of the bonnet and radiator panel if the spare is mounted on the bonnet. It's always been a problem on Land Rovers although it usually only manifests itself after many years as most vehicles don't get a very heavy pounding off road on a regular basis. It will help with visibility too for shorter drivers.
  13. That has to be the most likely. Either that or somebody heard me when I swore alot after one of our sprogs couldn't lift the bonnet up (No duff) with a spare wheel still on.
  14. Why not put the spare on the rear?
  15. There are a fair few girls and boys who have difficulty getting the wheel off the side, so that wasn´t a success was it!!!

    Apart from the Ambulance, which has a reinforced bonnet, you are not supposed to walk up the front of the Rover, like the olden days either.

    And who can remember all the added gash put on the front?

    Seem to recall it was seen as a handy place to stow your tow cable on the inside of the spare, not to mention (esp the series 3s which had straps on the spare wheel) to wrap your exhaust extention around the spare.

    I´ll have to think a bit, but I´m sure I have seen other bits and bobs strapped to the spare.

    Including, thinking aobut it, PRC-320s. With the handset in to the cab!