Spare utility pouch?

Need to hand kit back in, no idea where I've managed to lose a utility pouch but if anyone's got one knocking about I'll happily cover postage.

Failing that I'll go to fleabay.

Cheers all.
Wouldn't it be cheaper to be billed for one than to buy one? I don't know the answer but suspect it might. More hassle I suppose.
NinjaDeathPenguin said:
I've no idea, never been billed for anything lost before. Any idea what the bill would be?

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Probably less than buying one. You could ask your Q man.

MJDI shows a Pouch Utility with a basic price of £5.497. I can't confirm that is the correct item without the NSN but five and a half quid is nothing to get worked up about.


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