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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Needle_Point, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. This is not a wah

    Get Creative for International Women’s Day 15.02.12
    Denise Milani, Director, Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate (DCFD), is keen to learn staff views on the progress the MPS has made around gender equality.
    With this in mind, and to coincide with International Women’s Day 2012, DCFD is inviting officers and staff to get creative and put their observations and comments into verse. The authors of the winning poems will win the opportunity to discuss the ‘Gender Agenda’ over ‘elevenses’ with the Denise Milani in her office at New Scotland Yard on 8th March 2012. A feature on the poetry competition in a forthcoming issue of the Job is also planned.
    The competition is open to all officers and staff.
    Poems must fit onto one side of A4, must be no more than 30 lines in length and must:
    1. Focus on one of the following themes:
    · Recruitment, retention or progression in the MPS
    · Creating a gender sensitive working environment
    · Successfully managing gender diverse teams.
    2. Provide Denise Milani with insight on the progress made with the ‘Gender Agenda’ from either a male or female perspective.
    3. Provide a positive future vision for the MPS.
    Only one entry per person may be submitted. By submitting an entry, permission is given to the MPS to publish the author’s poem

    More nonsense from the keyboard-rattlers SHOCK « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

    The winner gets to meet the diversity officer at the Yard.
  2. My Suggestion:

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  3. I just googled her name, how unfortunate for someone with that job title to have the same name as this model....unless of course she`s moonlighting :) The Official Website of Denise Milani

  4. It would be worth it if the winner was also allowed to punch the diversity officer in the face.
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  5. What aload of shite! I think by the creation of jobs like this we cause more issues than they solve.
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I had this down as a clever wind-up but it would appear to be even more funny. It would appear the other Denise Milani is indeed Director, Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate with the Met.

    Should have stuck it in NAAFI Bar.
  7. There was a police woman from Ealing,
    Who protested she lacked sexual feeling,
    til a cynic named Boris,
    Touched her Clitoris,
    And they scraped her arse off the ceiling.

    A police woman named Denise
    Who’s pubes hung down to her knees
    The crabs got together
    To knit her a sweater
    So in winter her twat wouldn’t freeze.
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  8. Well, I was being serious and am deeply committed to diversity (not as committed as a mate who's shagged his way through the IC codes-including an IC7).

    Then someone debased it with Denise Milani about to shove a truncheon up someone's bunghole.

    Unreformed attitudes like that are why the police is in the state it is today, and we should all embrace diversity (or at least Denise)

    Seriously, is anyone's else's lot as up themselves as the met?
  9. I bet you won't be sending that in.
  10. My haiku for her attention.

    Women abuse the system,
    Yet most are quintessentially shite,
    End of.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Can't you just take the piss out of Ali Dalziel?

    Iranian **** dressess like a poof and will be getting bent over in the showers by now anyway.
    Is that inclusive enough I got race and references to homosexuality in just two lines
    Get the Carmel Wafers in I'm on my way.