Spare Planning Exercises.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Tube, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. I have 2 Plan Ex's that the charming Major Day RGJ gave me. I don't need them so if anybody wants them, email me your address and I'll stick em in the snail mail. I've made a few marks on them but they may be of interest to someone out there.
  2. I take it they are not from AOSB or the briefing?

    If so, they politely request you NOT to share them.

    If they are other plan-ex, then no drama's

    Perhaps you could scan them and add them to the AOSB Wiki page (if you don't know how to, PM me)
  3. He he, no no, Oh no, definately NOT from RCB/ AOSB. I realise that would be a very bad thing to do indeed. I just got handed them on a Fam. visit. They're pretty old - distances in yards and other such clues - but I found them useful to get a feel for the blighters.

    I'm pretty cautious about spreading material, info or rumour as we all should be but I really felt I benefitted from these and just wanted to spread the love.

    I'm not very familiar with the wiki page but I'm IT savvy and will have a go. If I have no luck, I'll PM you. Good thinking there.
  4. If you want practise planning exercises try here.

    Not quite the same as the ones at AOSB but they will help you to practise the skills needed for planning exercises.

  5. Well this has somewhat blown me out of the water. Hey bubble, can I email you mine to add to the list? Or this not your list?
  6. It's not my list, mate. A mate of mine who is now in the RAF found the site when he was preparing for his OASC.

    I found some of them useful for AOSB, but they are quite different in style.

  7. I would be extremely greatfull if you could forward me some planning exercises.

  8. Dude the original post is like 2 years old....
  9. Post removed as user put his e-mail address on here.