Spare few quid in your pocket

Spare few quid in your pocket - What do we care most about?

  • Homeless man and his dog

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  • UK orphanage/disaster fund

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  • Overseas orphanage/disaster fund

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  • Save the Baboons, or other animal charity

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  • Royal British Legion

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  • Mitigating climate change

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  • MOD Equipment Fund (all donations gratefully received)

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  • 3 on the Lotto lucky dip please.

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  • None. I earned it, Im keepin it.

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If you had £3 spare quid a week and felt like putting it to a higher purpose (ie not on another pint), where's the best place to put it? Do we give a about anything enough to part with said £3?
RBL or childrens cancer charity......
You missed off combat stress
Army Benevolent Fund?
Any sort of cancer research charity?
AndyMcflab said:
The Royal British Legion seem to be running away with it at the moment, but nobody seems to want to put their money (even a miserly quid) where their mouth is.
Oi! McFlab! The orginal post said
milsum said:
"If you had £3 spare quid a week......"
. If, OK? Therefore hypothetical. I don't, so less of the guilt trip OK?

The Shelducklings and associated educational costs keep me the poorest old duck I know.
My apologies if I've put anyone on a guilt trip Sheldrake. It certainy wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. It was simply an observation that whilst the RBL would seem to be the charity of the serviceman's choice, there has been very little action on the donations front through the link in my previous post. Having said that, a few people have been most generous, and for that I am genuinely most appreciative.

P.S. I'm not asking for a weekly donation either.
I know many worthey causes have been left out, but I was going for general diection of do-goodliness. RBL was an example of conflict charity. RNLI my bad though.

My greatgrandmother went mad and left her considerable fortune to cats. 8O
RBL get their pound of flesh from me anyway.

I am on my local RBL committee, have just resigned from the District committee after 7 years and have done 5 on the County committee. Not to mention numerous early mornings flogging poppies in the driving rain at the railway station or organising live music gigs or dances in aid of the appeal.

Additionally, Mrs Shelduck is a case worker, poppy seller and helps organise the teas after Remembrance Parade.

I think RBL do fairly well out of us. :)
Nice one Sheldrake. You are exactly the kind of person The Legion needs on their side. :thumright:

Before anyone reads between the lines and finds something that wasn't there, or just miss-reads what I'm saying, there is no facetiousness intended in the above statement!
None taken, I can assure you.

Bloody good work, by the way, with your fund raising activities. Well done. :D

I took part in the London Marathon in 1985 - God it was hard. :(

I've never handed out so many cups of water in my life! :wink:

Even copped two extras because the RSM was watching it on TV and saw several erstwhile members of Le Cateau troop waving to their mums at home via the camera. :x

No sense of humour :?

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