Spare boots in bergen on Ops?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by .Dolly, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone offer a circumstance where one might be required to carry a spare pair of boots in your bergen during Operations? A serious question arising from a friend who's been ordered to do just that prior to a 4 day Exercise tomorrow; the consensus of the group being that it's absurd and unheard of. Another group's orders were to leave their spare boots, labelled, on camp.

    Would this really occur in theatre :?
  2. The obvious answer is "When you are ordered to".
  3. A spare pair of boots could be useful after falling through ice in norway, can't think of another scenario.

    What I will say is, if you have been told to take something, take it, end of.
  4. Funny old thing can happen in the course of a day. In 1985 I was on a 30 miler. Quite important to do well on it and about 10 miles in one of my feet got wedged in a bit of Dartmoor Tor and I yanked my foot out. The sole of my boot ripped away from the upper and so I speed marched the next mile to a checkpoint to the awaiting medic.

    As I approached I called ahead for him to get his zinc oxide tape ready. The scab-lifter got all excited about patching someone up to finish the test, only for me to whack my knackered boot onto his table with the request, "Tape that fukcer together, doc".

    The lash-up worked, finished the test and no harm done.
    If it's on the kit list your mate should take it.
  5. You're definitely sure it was a pair of boots and not slippers.
  6. Ten years in infantry,and never carried spare boots in bergan,always back in patrol base,not to sure in what curcumstances you would require them on ops
  7. I don't think being ordered to is particularly the beef, just that it's not been heard of before - and there's plenty of service between the guys I believe. Sure, they will almost certainly get wet but using goretex socks or just plain getting on with it with soggy boots is what they were expecting.

    Of course taking spare boots - spare anything - would be great in an ideal world, but when do you limit the load, for example extra ammunition would be preferable to boots if there was space/weight available, wouldn't it?
  8. I can...

    When the sole falls off. Which they have been known to do. It usually starts at the front and goes all flappy then gradually peels away.

    It's not pleasant when it occurs on the second of 8 miles across North Yorkshire.
  9. Do you often question orders? If it's on the list you take it.
  10. Bad admin is bad admin. Do as you're told. It doesn't matter how much spare ammo you've got if your feet are fukced.

    As for "never been heard of" and "plenty of service between the guys",don't make me laugh.
  11. Check your kit before you go. Bad soldier. Youre a civvy so its not exactly 'yomping to Longdon' stuff is it? Using your rationale, do you take two bergans, two sets of webbing a couple of rifles too?
  12. just take a roll of black-nasty - there's nothing it can't fix
  13. I did as I was told to do, and never got in trouble. Being extremely sensible and logical can get you in a lot of trouble, I'd carry a Ghurka btn.
  14. Spare boots should never be carried in your bergan, try folding them down and squeezing them into your ammo pouch or top left shirt pocket. You might see the older sweats amongst the platoon attach their spare boots to the back of their helmets by tying the boot laces to their scrim but wait until you done a couple of tours before you try and be ally like that.
  15. Sounds like an Active Edge kit list. :D