Spare Army v Navy Ticket + REME W/Band Cost to H4H

I have a spare ticket plus REME wristband, PM me if you want it.

Please be aware that unless you can collect from SEME Thursday or Gosport/Portsmouth Friday then you will have 1 chance to collect it from me prior to the game. This would be Sat morning either Misty Moon or Waterloo Station timings to be confirmed.

I don't want to be messed about waiting for the ticket to be collected and bugger up my day so please be a good ol chap and collect on time.

Ticket is face value am not touting it chaps, in fact the full face value will go to H4H.
It looks like i'll have a ticket and wristband going spare too, will check this first thing to see if anyone wants it. Like baldricksdad i'll meet whoever prior to the game and hand it over. I'm arriving at twickenham at around 11.45.

I have also mailed the guy who got me the 2 tickets to see if anyone he knows may want it so i'll update in the early AM!

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