Spanking the bad monkey....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by moving-target-survivor, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. The proper place for evil monkeys is in your closet. I saw it on TV.
  2. And bit off and ate her hands.......

    People still think Wild Animals are Disney like cuddly creatures. A few Years ago, some Schmuck in harlem had a Tiger in His Apartment
  3. Apparently the 911 operator said is this a joke stop monkey'n about.
  4. Yeah, those PWRR types don't like being kept in enclosed spaces.
  5. Was this the same story that was on the news that the woman had to stab the monkey to stop him mauling her? Was on the news a few days back I believe, madness.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Monkey not a happy chappie by all accounts. Bless. At least he's not starting anymore wars.
  7. Apparently the monkey has been compared to Obama, there's another thread about it. I hear that the monkey was a terrorist suspect and ran from police when asked to stop, vaulting a ticket barrier.
  8. shouldn't this be in the AGC, APTC and SASC forums?

  9. The Chimp's lawyers are pleading ' temporary insanity' as the woman had slipped him drugs in his tea. Xanac or something as a sedative and it had an ' adverse reaction' which is a relatively common side effect.. heightening paranoia and aggression against perceived threats..

    Monkeys!! Don't Do Drugs!!..
    too late for the chimp gunned down by the cops [ where were non-lethal tasers when you need them? ], but a gold mine for lawyers for the chimp's family, no suing the woman for wrongful death or some such.. This one could go all the way to the sSpreme Court!!..
  10. Pan Troglodytes is not a monkey.

    Now if it were a Bonobo it would have humped her leg, crapped on her pillow and wiped it's arrse on the curtains.
  11. Yeah, he's not been the same since Band Aid.