Spanish Troops Killed in Lebanon

I wonder if this despicable attack on UN peacekeepers is a prelude to more such attack to drive UNIFIL out of Lebanon ahead of new hostilities with Israel ?

BEIRUT, Lebanon - A bomb apparently targeting U.N. peacekeepers exploded by the side of a road in southern Lebanon on Sunday, killing five Spanish troops and injuring at least three, a senior Lebanese military official said.

The senior official in Beirut said a mine may have caused the explosion, but another security official based in southern Lebanon said a bomb detonated at the side of a road about four miles north of the Israeli border town of Metulla. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

In Madrid, the Spanish Defense Ministry confirmed at least four Spanish peacekeepers were killed and three injured. Medical teams with the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon, known as UNIFIL, were working in the area, a ministry spokesman said.

White smoke billowed from the armored personnel carrier, which was thrown by the force of the explosion to the side of the road. Fire engines rushed to the area to put out the flames.
RIP Lads. Speedy recovery to the wounded.

Am I correct in thinking this is once by the Israelis and once by Hezbula/Fata? Or have there been more? I'm fed up with these people.

Well, Hezzbolah fire hit UN peacekeepers last summer along with the Israelis (intent can be debated). If I'm not mistaken, a few PLA troops were wounded by a Hezbollah RPG
The irony is that the Spanish Army have ordered what the papers call 'inhibitors' which according to the papers would have interfered with the remote signal. However the first deliveries went to Afghanistan as that was considered the greater priority, and Lebanon the lesser threat, shame as all were only 15 days from coming home.

Descansen en paz.
RIP to the Spanish troops.

Ever since the large ground forces deployment last year, the UN has been aware that hostile elements in S. Lebanon would try to hit them. The 'indicators' were bleeping some time back. The more the UN are on their guard as they are threatened, the more diverted from part of their main mission - to observe and deter Hezb from re-infiltrating to the south.
Having just browsed through the El Pais website, I noted that the Spanish PM; Zapatero, along with the Heir to the throne and his wife attended the funeral of those who were killed......our leaders should perhaps take note.

Que los fallecidos vayan con dios y en paz descansen.

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