Spanish trains. Murcia/Alicante area.

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Jumping Jack, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Anyone know much about the official Spanish rail website? I have googled and the site doesn't have the train station I need listed. Seems to only have the main ones. Found RENFE but am not sure if it is a commercial one posing as the main site.

    eg this one:

    Am looking to travel from El Campello to Murcia next week.

    Any ex-pat types able to help at all please? Muchos appreciatios.
  2. El Deltico Espanol Whoopo whoopo ole biscuit barrel........!

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  3. Graçias Cernunnos that's is really very helpful. Sorted.
    A gift back by way of returning my thanks. The Fast Show - Chanel 9 The Complete Collection Part 3 - YouTube

    Looks like I need to get to Alicante Airport then get a bus direct to Murcia. The trains don't go south from El Camplello. Bloody spics eh?
    My mate will drive up but then we won't be able to drink as much beer etc. Which seems an awful shame.
  4. I wouldn't bother, I once got the train from Valencia to Alicante, admittedly it was in the fascist 1970s, but I could have walked faster!
  5. I bet those were interesting times. What the heck were you doing there then? Other countries refused to 'acknowledge' Franco's House of Fun as a country so I believe. How did you know you were there? Did you just ignore it as well?

    Spanish trains are fantastico once you get in one now. The newer ones are like modern airliners inside, seats which swivel, radio stations you can listen to on headsets etc and all sorts of unnecessary gubbins. Plus totally necessary bar coach with huge windows. Windows and beer.
    My mate may have to end up driving as it is looking tricky. Ridiculous as it only a few miles down to Murcia.
    I'm a gonna try the Tourist Office in Alicante. Eth a theth a theth.
  6. My old man normally goes to Benidorm bus station, which IIRC is not far from the rail station, and then gets a fast coach direct to Alicante airport. Probably a similar arrangement from El Campello

    It must be a cheap and easy route, otherwise he wouldn't bother with it.

    El Campello must almost be in affordable taxi range from Alicante airport?

    Try one of the Brit forums:

    Spain : British Expat Discussion Forum

    Spain Expat Forum for Expats Living in Spain - Expat Forum For People Moving Overseas And Living Abroad
  7. Queso y puré de guisantes eth a theth a theth Deltico!

  8. Cheezy Peaz - YouTube
  9. The mad Breton may be able to assist.
    Take the L1/L3 Tram from El Campello to Alicante (RENFE Estacion Multimodal) Transport Interchange. Trams replaced the narrow-gauge diesel trains in 2003. During peak periods there are three trains per hour between Alicante and Murcia del Carmen operated by RENFE Cercanais (Line C1), off-peak there is an hourly service that takes around 1hour 20 minutes. Sundays the service is two-hourly.

    Timetable is available at this link: Cercanías Murcia/Alicante
    The link is all in Spanish but you can easily find your way around.
    Hope this helps
  10. Muchos. Those links may well help.
    Rather ask you than some bloke who looks like Saddam Hussein staring blankly in bus station, sat rather ironically under a 'help' sign. Actually to be fair some of these places are pretty good now. Although you often have to wade through stacks of timetables.

    Only using public transport as my chauffeur will be taking a day off. I will probably try and use public transport as I dont want to have anyone drive me about as favours. Quite enjoying the idea of a day away from my hosts without needing their help at all for one day.
  11. Merci Emsav. Beacoup d'info. J'ai entendu parler que c'est un tram main'nant, je n'etais pas sur. Donc c'est plus clair, merci. Je vais utiliser la link aussi. Trés sympa.
  12. Graçias for the info. All went very well indeed.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah. They tried to invade us twice then we fucked them right off on the high seas. Pirates of the Caribbean is it you ******* Protestant burning greaseballs? Donkey eaters. Worshipers of the Vicar of Rome. Soap Dodgers. Child molesters. Bunch of *****.

    But now we are all in the EU.

    I hear Barcelona is lovely. I have not been myself. I am Dago Nazi Donkey Scarfer intolerant. It is a medical condition.
  14. As nice as they are. (Most aren't.) I dont think any of the eh-Spaneesh types I have met on my travels/work would be capable of another invasion. Nor any of the Spanish friends I have. Nor Clegg's wife. I think we stabbed and blasted all the ones with the good genes back then.

    Not bad trains and trams. Not Deltics though. No real character there either.