Spanish soldier killed in attack on convoy in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by firthy, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. One soldier has died and six others are injured after an attack on a Spanish convoy in the Afghan town of Sang Atesh.

    The dead soldier has been named as John Felipe Romero Meneses, a21-year-old Colombian national serving with the Cazadores de Montaña "Arapiles 62" regiment, which has bases in Barcelona and Girona.

    The attack was carried out this morning as the soldiers, along with members of the Afghan police, were escorting a convoy of vehicles carrying humanitarian aid for the region.

    According to the ministry of defence, the Spanish troops' response to the mine attack on their armoured vehicle left at least three Taliban rebels dead.

    The convoy, which comprised 11 Spanish armoured trucks as well as vehicles belonging to the Afghan police force, was attacked on the so-called Lithium Route, which links the towns of Qala i Naw and Bala Murghab.

    The six injured soldiers were airlifted by helicopter to the military base in Herat.

    The two most seriously injured soldiers are 28-year-old lieutenant Jordi Francesc Rubio Carceller, a married man from Hospitalet (Barcelona) and another Colombian national, 23-year-old Daniel Ospina Quintana.

    The other four injured soldiers are 24-year-old Juan Morales Aroca from Sevilla), 20-year-old Joshua Alcalá Silvera from Tenerife, 23-year-old Carlos Gatos Guardado from Barcelona and 19-year-old Gerson Jaime Rodríguez from Colombia.

    Spanish defence minister, Carme Chacón, will shortly be leaving for Herat to compile information about the attack and to coordinate the repatriation of the dead soldier's body.
  2. RIP and a swift recovery to the wounded.
  3. Why doesn't ARRSE have an RIP forum if we're going down the road of RIP'ing every ISAF soldier killed on ops.
  4. First of all, RIP. Any loss will be deeply felt, no matter what the background to the story. But there are some interesting issues here. Firstly the use of Columbians in the Spanish army. The last Spanish soldier to die (in an accident in Herat Camp) was Equadorian. The South Americans are being recruited in the same way that we recruit Fijians and Africans. But the attitude in Spain is different; when the Equadorian died about two months ago, many Spaniards reacted by saying "so what? he wasn´t really Spanish". I assume that´s not the case in UK.

    Also, every time a Spaniard is killed, the Minister of Defence flies out to "coordinate the repatriation". Don´t they have movers in the Spanish Army? If we had the same system, Jobsworth would have to set up his full time office in Kandahar.

    Edited to add - It seems that there is an ongoing banditry issue in Herat. This is not Taliban led, it´s gangs attacking NGO and Spanish logistic convoys.

  5. DEP (descansa en paz)

    Yes the Spanish Army uses a lot of S Americans mainly as a fill-up for recruitment as the military still has to shake off its francoist reputation for many people. That said it is changing and the army seems also to be improving.
    The not real spaniards bit comes partly from the fact that Spain has a huge amount of immigration both legal and illegal and has had a huge flux of incomers which is disconcerting. I live in a town of less than 20.000 and in the last few years the streets have become full of latin american spanish speakers, arabs and chinese to the detriment of the local catalans.
    These immigrants are not yet assimilated and it is easy to say that they are not real spanish.
    Look at the Frog attitude to The Legion, better to send them than Frenchmen.

    The defence minister bit is more to do with local politics, to be seen to be solicitious for the troops and be in the photo rather than actually doing anything. The previous government did the opposite and gave the impression that they didn't care resulting in a clapped out Yak transport hired to bring troops down ploughed in taking over 50 with it.
  6. There were always a lot of Columbians in the Spanish Foreign Legion during the 1980s until they banned foreign recruitment in the late 80s and changed the name to Spanish Legion. When foreign recruitment was resumed again in the 90s, Columbians were again a significant portion of recruitment. However, I wasn't aware that froeign recruitment had now been extended to other parts of the Spanish Army.
  7. Yes, there is quite a proportion due largely to a shortfall in native Spanish recruitment. The benefits for the immigrant are that he gets a decent job, a reasonable wage which is good by his countries standards, and a foot in the door as to spanish citizenship and residence, which is what many immigrants are looking for.
    Advantage to the military is that they have a pool of spanish speakers willing to join and if one becomes a casualty he is listed under a different category in the statistics.
    Win-win unless it is you that initiates the IED.
  8. "Look at the Frog attitude to The Legion, better to send them than Frenchmen."

    Except that of the 39 FRA soldiers killed in A-stan, only 2 were FFL and both died of non-combat related causes.

    The 37 others were from regular French units. And BTW, about 50% of foreign Legionnaires are born French.
  9. I am actually aware of that, and that is true of today but was not always so. It was the historical attitude that I was referring to.
  10. Think you will find mon ami,that it's more 10 or 15% of legionnaires that are french born.

    There are a lot of francophones a la legion etrangere ,but these come from french speaking countries mainly ex colonies in africa.

    You might be referring to to the officers who almost always french,but then they are not legionnaires.They are seconded to the legion,officers that have done well at st cyr and are able to chose the regiment they want.

    Honneur et fidélité
  11. Somebody should explain to them that white flags are often used to mark minefields, and they should use their own if they come under contact...
  12. Reading yesterdays paper again the patrol of 11 APCs lost the first vehicle and sustained the casualties. They immediately followed up supported by Italian Augusta helios and confirmed 8 taliban dead.
  13. Considering that nearly 5,000 Colombian soldiers and police officers have been killed since 2002 on operations against the FARC, ELN, AUC etc etc, going to Afghanistan with the Spanish army seems much the safer option for any Colombiano.
  14. Saw it on the Teledario, yesterday. He was being repatriated to Barcelona, which isn't the Spanish Army's strongest recruiting ground. Pleased to see that the Generalitat were there to meet.

    Jorrocks, ¿has vuelto ya?