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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Any Spanish property Gurus out there that I can nick some advice off?

    A friend of mine bought two apartments off plan two years ago and the completion date is imminent now.

    His circumstances have changed and needs to pull as much money out of them as possible. Whilst being a bit of a lovemachine over here, I haven't a clue about Spanish property, law and conveyancing etc.

    I am meeting him on Friday, and have been given first refusal.

    Apartments are on a golf course near Murcia and can have them for 66% of market value, all seems a little too good to be true and am wary of getting my nob nibbled by a dirty dago.

    Help, ideas, sarcy comments?
  2. Spanish Dave??
  3. Sri Lankan Michael??
  4. Have you actually seen the apartments up? They are probably still building sites and the bloke is trying to screw you for a few quid and run
  5. MDN

    I have a property which I too bought off plan and it is now ready to complete. If you want to take this on you best get a spanish solicitor as we did, not too expensive but worth the cost. Basically, you need to get a NIE number (Spanish social security) before you can own any property. This must be collected in person so you (and any partner(s) :headbang: ) need to get the applications in and then arrange for a visit to the nearest official establishment. This can be a nightmare as even with an appointment the queue is full of 'illegals' trying to get residency status too. Our solicitor apointed us in the direction of a 'man in the know' and for a few euros we got to the front of the line - money well spent

    Also check check check if there are any other planning permissions going on round about your property. The Spanish can take free ( unbuilt yet still owned by ) land and pass it on to others to build on. There are also a number of other fees which need to be paid up front such as bank set up fees, transaction fees, nie fee as well solicitors fees. We reckon it took up about 6% of the overall cost of the property

    All said, a good place to buy, fairly close to La Manga, loads of golf courses and air connections from UK are good. So far we have added 40% to our initial outlay in value and the builders are completing this week
  6. No, the bloke is my Brother in law and needs the cash for other reasons.

    They aren't finished yet, they are part of the third phase and will be complete by April 20th, He flies over to do a snagging list and sort mortgage out next week, so ideally wants something in place by then.
  7. I thought you used that stuff on your piles :cyclopsani:
  8. You'd better hope that the builders aren't a lovable bunch of Geordie/Brummie/Cockney/Scouse misfits, with hilarious personal problems, who've recently come over to Spain after a successful stint in Der Fatherland.

    If they are, your house is going to fall down the first time you switch on a light.
  9. Mmm one of them, the spark was from Dudley and is a member of the Bromwich and district aqualung society, and the goerdie constantly walks round with his hands down his outsized underpants saying 'Yowah Walls not plumb'

    Thankfully the Cockney with the pink in his hair died in phase 1.

    Ali Fraser is the developer and a chap called Dennis is foreman, his bint is Dagmar, but has hairy pits.
  10. Spanish Law property law really isn't my thing (English property law is bad enough). if you are looking to cover your interests though I would also make an English contract with your brother in law thus meaning you can rely on using our courts here if he doesn't sign the property over to you.

    I will gladly write one up for you a small fee.

    The party of the first part shall be known as the party of the first part......
  11. I can do one for free.

    "Oi, you! Yeah - you over there. Right, you better give my mate here that pile of bricks in mint condition or you're getting a shovel in the knackers, alright? Now sign here or you'll be trying to shit out a bayonet for the next week. Signature ___________ "
  12. Then shut up you hog

    Deputy, thats the one mate, will scan in the bumf later and PM it over to you.

    Also attractivley I live 3 miles from Blackpool Airport who fly directly to Murcia. Am considering leasing for holidays and drawning on the equity as opposed to floggin them on
  13. Thanks for all PMs and advice etc.

    Deputy, my mate has an appartment in the same complex he also complained of powercuts and the finish of final product (bare wires, not light fittings etc)

    Didn't stop him playing golf though.