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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by vespa, Feb 24, 2003.

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  1. look in the daily mail feb 24th page 28+29  :mad: :mad:

    so if any of you decides to buy a property in spain DON'T!

    an even better reason to kick the spics out of the EU or we leave it ,euro and all!! :mad:
  2. i hate spics and frogs  :mad:
  3. Will you please elaborate for us? What does it say? :eek:
  4. in spain , there was a property law in 1994 , which allows any buliding company to make an appliction to build on any land with minimal consent and public enquiries, in practice what has happened is a builder crease the palm of a local council to build housing and take away properties from ( mostly british ) owners without compensation AND the owners are required to pay  money toward the cost of building of utilities pipes , water and electricity interestingly enough the building companies can name their prices with some having to pay £200,000 in some cases, and the spanish courts dont care they frequently ignore "human rights" in spite of being part of the EU and signed up to the charter  :mad: the EU is not going to do anything about it

    now you see why im so mad at the injustice of it  :mad:

    Gibraltarian beware ! this is what the spics will do to you !
  5. oh I just luv it when ya talk dirty Lippy :D

    haben Sie eine grosse schwester mit der grossen busen bitte, mit mayo und zatziki!  Danke sh*te :D
  6. Mein Gott das war sehr schnell mit pomme frites! :)
  7. Another one to watch out for if you are thinking of buying a bar over in Spain, is that there is a 'protection racket' that goes on and you will be expected to pay for the privelege of not having your bar burnt down.
  8. You make Spain out to be a bad place. But you are forgetting it has some of the best Moto GP and World Superbike races. So it can't be that bad gents
  9. I totally agree with you on this one Vespa.  Why is it that Britain follows these so-called laws and practises, and the other countries do as they like?  Mad it makes me, mad, I tells yer !!

    Afternote:  I used to have two Vespa's.  A Vespa 50 special, and a Vespa P225E with 35mm carb and big bore exhaust !  
  10. i had a vespa T5 , now sold  :'(  , so im currently looking for a cheap scooter
  11. Why? scooters are for nobbers ;D
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Don’t see what all the fuss is about. Scaremongering by that rag the mail as usual.

    I have had a property in Spain for 6 years and just recently sold it. My brother has a property there and a business. My sister has one there and a business. My parents have one there. Many of my friends have a property there. As was said you can get ripped off anywhere if you don’t bother to do you research. Look at estate agents in the UK! Most of the real estate agents out there that attempt to rip you off are Brits.

    Anyway, my brother is selling his place anyone want a 3 bed villa in the south east of Spain with it’s own swimming pool?

    They may be a bunch of dagoes but they know how to chill out and not take life too seriously.

    Adios Muchachos.
  13. Currently looking for a Lambretta LX150 or SX 200 !  Offers around £500