Spanish Ordnance Survey maps

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SKJOLD, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. Any ideas what the equivalent to Ordnance survey would be for Spain?

    Thanks in advance

  2. SKJOLD,

    There isn't a real equivelant of OS Maps in Spain - there are military ones at 1:50,000 - but the sheets are quite small... IGN do 1:50,000 maps, too - but conveniently, leave out numbers on the gridlines in a lot of cases.

    I lived in Madrid for 2 years and there is an outdoor shop that makes its own 1:50,000 maps - which are as close to an OS Map as you will get. They cover the most popular areas and have WGS84 gridlines on them (with numbers!) - but it will depend where you want to go...

  3. It seems to be very hard to find decent maps in Spain - maybe they were restricted as some sort of security issue following on from the civil war?

    I was looking for 1:50,000 for the Alicante area, in order to explore some of the hills. Unfortunately the tourist office issues maps that are simply a picture of a mountain with a few footpaths drawn on - no scale, no gridlines, no nothing. Fnuck knows how many people must get lost every year - the hills are very craggy and can be very remote.

    After scouring every bookshop in the region, I eventually scraped together a collection of maps, some of which seemed to be 50 years out of date..... There was no modern system of numbered maps available through retail outlets at all.
  4. It's better now, when I arrived in 87 you couldn't get deent maps because the Franco Govt. didn't want the general population getting hold of them. One of the best maps I have of my area is still a US Army OS style map made in 1957 and illicitly given to me by a Spanish Sgt. I met in the gym.
    It is difficult to get maps locally as coverage is not constant as you say and the military have still not latched onto the commercial possibilities.

    Best plan is to hit the local provincial centre and ask for the best map shop.
    If I need one I order from the local bookshop.

    Where are you going to?
    Which areas do you need?
    If it's my part of the world maybe I can help.

    (Bona tarda Adj. Que tal la vida i els nens?)
  5. Calasparra, and surrounding area.

  6. Try writing to the Ayuntamiento (local council).

    Website with english version here.

    Tell them your plans and ask what is available.

    I will ask in my local shop but as I live in Catalunya I don't hold out much hope.
  7. We were down in the Granada area two years ago, got very good military 1:50k mapping fron the local ( Brit run) bookshop. The owner said he bought them from Madrid. UTM WGS 84 Grid, 30 k wide by 20 k deep.

    Perhaps its a matter of A. Contacts, B Most tourists don't go properly walking and could not read a real map anyway, so no demand ?.

    The address on the maps I have is :

    Servicio Geografico del Ejercito
    Departamento de Venta Cartografia y Publicaciones
    Calle de Dario Gazapo, num. 8 ( Cuartel Alfonso X)

    If your Spanish is up to it - Tel 91 711 50 43

    There are seperate offices in Tenerife, Mallorcao, Ceuta and Mellila.
  8. Does our OS do maps of other countries? Or alternatively, is there some international survey that does?

    Just asking since I was trying to get some decent maps whilst abroad this past summer and what the local bookshop had was pretty piss poor and vague.
  9. Had the same problem in Spain, couldn't get any "proper" mapping at all.

    Was eventually directed to the local Government offices who probably would have been able to help but were on Holiday!

    Worth trying

    I've bought maps for overseas travel from them before. Not relevant for walking but the 1:500,000 Tactical Pilotage Charts are useful for navigation in countries where no mapping is otherwise available - I used them in the Algerian Sahara