Spanish Military warns government about cuts.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dwarf, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. I read today that the Spanish military has warned the government that their patience over cuts has a limit. Isn't it time our lot instead of hints that things just might be slightly askew actually stood up and said that the politicos have screwed the military over beyond any hope of immediate recovery.

    For those who read spanish.
    Los militares apoyarán las movilizaciones contra los recortes

    Quick translation:

    Madrid. (Writing / EFE). - The Unified Association of Spanish Military (AUME) denounced this weekend cuts to salaries to members of the armed forces and warned that their patience has a "limit". AUME accurate in a statement that this group has already suffered several cuts that have "aggravated" the situation further and adding to the deficiencies and claims capabilities are suffering

    "We have been patient, tolerant, supportive and firm," says the association, which warns that tolerance has "a limit". The military, says the association, " is not going to stand idly by" while being treated like a scapegoat by a government that "changes the rules of the game",taking steps that they had said they would never do

    Words to the political classes

    For the military, "to act against the civil service, the military, coming from a political class that day after day 'illuminates' us with meanness, slights, and lack of ideas of how to address this situation, does not deserve great respect from us, except that which is incumbent on us by our function-".

    In fact, AUME supports mobilizations that are called from citizens support groups to make it clear that further cuts will not be admitted. The association says it will continue demanding a reform "in depth" of the Military Career Law and current situation that will not do further harm to the professional and family status of the Armed Forces.

    Article ends.

    Personally I like the fact that they speak up, and that they have groups that support them. Time we did so I feel rather than just sigh and get on with things with a stiff upper lip until we have no effective defence capability at all. Something that Dave has managed to do.
  2. Come on Hackle!!
  3. Spanish politicians should be worried with their country's history. Let's face it, they don't deploy very often, and when they do they run home at the first sign of trouble. So they must ensure their future one way or another.

    The Spanish economy is in dire straits; military coup, anyone? It's the Latino way, handed down to their south American colonies and about to come home to roost.
  4. Yep, looks like the dominoes are starting to totter. What starts in Espagna, will spread like wildfire and before we know it the Royal British Legion will be marching on Downing street, having torched the London Eye.
  5. Spain, Portugal and Greece. It's not that long since the Generals held the keys.
  6. Whats spanish for -

    Hands up! This is a coup!
  7. Time to reinforce Gibraltar?
  8. With what, the Beefeaters?
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  9. Well tradation would suggest the rock apes
  10. Oh well that's nato shot to pieces
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  11. Last I saw Spain was spending 1.17% of GDP of their budget and they where cutting it by 14%. Just for comparison austerity Greece still spends about 4%.
  12. But Spain doesn't border a sworn enemy.
  13. Gibraltar? ;-)
  14. Point taken. Quivering with fear in Madrid then?
  15. Tell that to the Catalans.
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