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Spanish man on Ardoyne rioting attempted murder charge

Things must be worse than we thought: the scallies in the Ardoyne have to sub-contract 'spontaneous' public anger.

Have a butchers here BBC News - Spanish man on Ardoyne rioting attempted murder charge

"A Spanish man has appeared in court charged with the attempted murder of a police woman during trouble in north Belfast on 12 July.
Roger Jorro Costa, 28, who is originally from Barcelona, but has an address at Ulsterville Avenue in Belfast, is accused of trying to kill the officer during rioting in Ardoyne.
The police woman suffered head injuries after a concrete block was thrown from the roof of Ardoyne shops.
Mr Costa was remanded in custody."
I dunno, they come 'ere takin' our petrol bombs...

Mind you, coming from Barcelona he was probably sublimating the whole 'colonial powers out' bit. Mad as brushes and half as Spanish, those Catalans.

Mr Happy

To be fair you can see where he's coming from, GB has been shipping our criminal element to live in Spain for years, so its only fair they send us some of their twats.
Funny lot the Catalans. Always making a fuss and gobbing off. When Franco's Army turned up during the Civil War they packed in virtually without a murmur.

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