Spanish king killed drunken Mitrofan


A Russian official has claimed that a tame bear was plied with honey and vodka before being shot dead by King Juan Carlos of Spain.
The bear - called Mitrofan - is said to have been taken from his home at a local holiday camp, put into a cage, and transported to the hunting grounds.

Mr Starostin, in a letter to the Russian business daily Kommersant, said his captors "generously fed him with vodka mixed with honey and pushed him into a field".

"Naturally, a heavy, drunken animal became an easy target. His Highness Juan Carlos took Mitrofan out with one shot," Mr Starostin said in the letter.
My parents were born in Siberia and some distant relatives of my father are living there in remote villages and are professional hunters. Bear hunting is a very dangerous adventure. Wild bears (especially female bear defending her children) are very dangerous. Sometimes they are like terminators could attack you even with a dozen of bullets inside their body.

So, bear hunting organised for Spanish king was no doubt arranged to be absolutely secure.

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