Spanish kicking off again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by unixman, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. Shouldn't the EU be getting involved in this? Or does it only piss around with the UK?
  2. Enough's enough. Let's go to war.
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  3. if Britain wanted to bring Spain to its knees all it has to do is ban flights to spain and its islands.
    They need our money more than our fish

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  4. Most of those 10,000 people are Spanish who are working in Gibraltar - because the spanish economy is in depression.
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  5. It should, but its generally sitting there with its fingers in its ears, doing the "La la la I can't hear you" thing. Becuase it would be a massive pain in the posterior for the EU to deal with.

    Due to the whole treaty and referendum votes thing it'd have to side with us nasty horrible British. However that would mean going against a Euro and pro-EU member.
    The EU telling the Spanish to wind their necks in would be a massive loss of face for the Spanish, and then its teddy projection on an epic scale.

    So its much easier for the EU to pretend there's nothing wrong and everything is rosy.
  6. Noooo. Send them the efflux of all our sink estates on one way tickets.
  7. The ability to form an orderly queue is a key ingredient of true British'ness. It's good to see the Spanish Plod are reinforcing British values and customs across the region by promoting a bit of remedial queuing.
  8. They may be filthy foreign johnnies but they don't deserve that.
  9. There is a large Morrisson's supermarket on Gib, used by many ex-pats from all over southern Spain (me included!) as life's esentials are so cheap - Woods Rum at £4.50 anyone!

    But I digress - you all should be sorry for those poor souls who had frozen or chilled stuff in the car for 6 hours!

    Anyway, the tw4ts are always 'closing' the border by working to rule.They frequently do it on a Spanish holiday, of which there are many, to upset the Spanish, who then think it is Gib's fault. It has taken me 5 hours to get off the rock on one occassion.

    On the way off, just before you enter the Spanish gate, there are large boards apologising for the conduct of the Spanish officials with EU telephone numbers and websites to use in order to complain about them.

    Mind you, the Guardi Civil are in the poo at the moment, as they seem to have been involved in illegal activities. If you can't beat them, join them! Sorry for the poor linkys.,d.ZG4,d.ZG4
  10. Jaun and friends also keep schtum about their little enclave over the water on the African side of the straights, Ceuta. A tiny little corner of Spain on the Morrocan mainland. I believe ther is another but the name escapes me at the moment.

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