Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jorrocks, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. British ´til the end of time

  2. A melting pot for dodgy mediterranean types, mag to grid

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  1. Just tell the Spanish to "Foxtrot Oscar"...IMHO.
  2. Is it that time already. Nothing to worry about the Spaniards gob off about Gib every so often anyway.

    They'll have other Anglo problems to worry about soon when Lewis Hamilton is ragging Fernando Alonso.

    I know which of the two situations is more important to the average Spaniard.
  3. Your sig block is sooo wrong Dingerr...out of interest, where did you find it.?So I sure I don't accidentally stumble across it. :twisted:
  4. I read this in the local paper where it puts a different spin. Spain protested about the visit but stated that the visitor should be respected. It then went on to mention how HRH is patron of a hospital and where she will visit, just as they would mention what a member of the Spanish Royals would do.
    In other words it is a simple routine protest that occurs when any member of the Royal family visits Gib, done more because it always is, and because if they stop doing it it shows that they are relinquishing their claim on the Rock, rather then stirring up a fuss. Not to be taken seriously, overblown story.

    If the Gibraltans want to stay Brit dependents then stay they should. 30,000 have less voice than 2,000 Bennies?
    No, we should do what I am doing my best to do by converting this lot to Rugby, good ale, and curries, and join Spain to Gib. Now where did I put my words to Rule Britannia.......?
  5. Spain are a bit quiet about Ceuta and Melilla whenever the topic of Gibraltar comes up. Funny that....
  6. Royal stole if fair and square. And they signed a treaty to that effect afterwards. No case to answer. Note: they are still holding on to enclaves on the North African coast, aren't they?
  7. Well although we may like the idea of Gibraltar staying within UK jurisdiction for historical reasons I think we should let Pedro have it, after all the local population can not decide whether or not they want to be Spanish or English and so choose somewhere in between speaking Spanglish.
    The only decent things there are cheap booze and cigarettes and then you are limited to how many you can take out of the country because the local government chooses how and when it wants to be part of the EU....(mainly when there is a handout involved or so I've heard)
  8. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    I can't remember where I read this, but there's an interesting debate to be had with the Spanish on the topic of the reasons for them being so upset that Gibraltar belongs to the British, when they've sold pretty much their whole south coast to ..... the British.
  9. Main Spanish gripes at present are:

    Fiscal haven status of Gibraltar - they say (rightly in my opinion) that fiscal havens in general have contributed to the banking crisis.

    They maintain that the airport is located on the isthmus, land that was not included in the original Treaty of Utrecht and is therefore Spanish territory.

    They are mightily pissed off about landfill from Spain being used to reclaim the sea in order to build a new resort. This is more of an issue with their own govt for allowing this to happen.

    Ceuta and Melilla are considered by the Spanish to have been Spanish cities in north Africa since the 15th century before Morocco existed and are not colonies.

    Gibaltarians voted overwhelmingly (98%) to stay British in 2004, a poll not recognised as legal by the Spanish.
  10. Cobblers. The Gibbos'd love to sell you all the booze and fags you can carry. It's the EU imposing limits, not the Gib government. And literally 99% don't want Pedro to have any say in their affairs at all.
  11. They had a referendum on this when Bliar try to sell them out to the Spanish, at which point 98.97% said they do not want to share sovereignty at which point Bliar decided to ignore the result because it didn't suit him.

    Their economy doesn't look to shabby either, so I doubt they much in the way of handouts.

    Anyone who make Bliar look even more of a buffoon deserves our sovereignty.
  12. Well exactly. They want Gib so they can sell it back to us for profit. And you'll notice that southern Spain is verging on a third-world country while Gibraltar is a normal first-world town. If they were to get on with it and build some reasonably-priced housing I'd move there full-time.
  13. British to the end................What lies within????????
  14. Bang on the money. Its crying and moaning for the sake of it. Nothing more!