Spanish Defence minister kicks arrse.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Things are looking up for the Spanish soldier it seems. Possibly some help coming to Afghanistan too judging by the tone.

    From the Independent
  2. Oh! Hell! What if we got Harman, or Hodge or Hewitt?
  3. Can we not just get her?
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Sounds like someone we need over here.
  5. Now that's a piece of advice our lot could do with heeding.In amongst a whole lot of other stuff they'd do well to listen to...
  6. Hear hear!
  7. Really, increase the size of the Armed Forces?! Surely that's impossible otherwise we would've done the same. :roll:
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What a brilliant quote. That could become the Arrse motto.

    Why is it that the politicians with the biggest balls don't have any?
  9. Well said! However we don't want any of our female politicians in this role - the current bunch are worse than useless. :evil:
  10. She'd get it.
  11. She did-hence the maternity leave

  12. ha ha ha ha....

    i wish i was a spanish subbie in charge of making light banter with her before a mess dinner... her rusty sheriffs badge would be in great danger.
  13. Let´s not get too enthusiastic in our eulogy of Ms Chacón´s comments. A little bit of conext is called for. The present Spanish government was elected against the polls for one reason only - its promise to pull out of Iraq immediately. There is a very strong anti military lobby in Spain, and as a result, Spanish participation in all coalition/UN type mission is largely a flag waving exercise, with the use of force restricted to the launch of well cooked tortillas only after ten written warnings. Furthermore, Spanish participation in overseas missions is capped by law at 3000 TOTAL, IN ALL MISSIONS. Considering that thay are deployed in Herat (Afghanistan), Lebanon (UN), Kosovo, Chad (EUFOR) means that they have no real balance in any of their deployments, and will never meet any operational objectives while faced with this artificial barrier to force generation. However much you may feel let down by the present civilian leadership, I think we are far better served than our Spanish counterparts. And to cap it all, she´s just fired her CDS, and the three service chiefs, against the advice of her predessesor and her Prime Minister. So PMT has obviously kicked in again. Do you really want her here?
  14. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer


    Do we have any politicians that are that tasty? Doesn't seem fair.
  15. Definitely worth one but first...

    This has gone on a bit sorry lads.
    Looking at that:
    It is simply not true that the government was elected on a promise to pull out of Iraq, though about 80% of the population were against the initial deployment.
    The mishandling of the previous government over the Madrid bombing trying to pin the blame on ETA as opposed to islamics (and threfore a direct result of the support for the invasion) was to blame for their defeat.
    Spain has just re-elected Pres. Zapatero with a fair majority supporting him over a range of policies, and in areas like Catalonia, totally rejecting the right-wing party whose policies towards the regions were unacceptable.

    Spanish deployment is capped by law, but it wouldn't be too difficult to change or ammend. The biggest block is the president himself who has refused to countenance troop increases when the commanders on the ground have asked for it.
    I think Spain is divided over the military, there is the patriotic flag-waving bunch which is more in central Spain, and the totally anti group, which is more in the regions. But yes this is a big political consideration and a potentially huge vote-loser if the troops are seen to be in a conflict which may be perceived as imperialistic, illegal, inhumane, macho, - take your pick. This is why the Pres. publicly insists that the troops are there to help rebuild the country and are not engaged in a conflict. So it is unlikely that he will give the orders to get in and start dispensing lead, unless the talib really get going in their zone.
    Increasing the size of the military may be difficult as recruitment is not hitting targets, and there is a large proportion of S. Americans to make up the numbers. In areas such as Basque Country and Catalonia almost nobody joins.

    As to Chacon, yes she is rather tasty and I would be happy to talk military matters to her, after a demonstration of the use of the personal-bayonet of course.
    But as a female who has never studied military things she is less experienced with the wider military scheme and I am not surprised that she is looking at welfare aspects first. Partly because she can understand them more easily and can make an immediate impact. Partly because by improving the standards of living for Los Tommos and by being tough with the generals she is striking a chord in not only the military but society too.
    Perhaps the decision over the CDS is unwise as it comes against advice, and I am not convinced that she is right, but also it might be that she has had the balls to do what no-one else did and that the decision will come to be seen as the right one. It does rather establish her as the boss in a very conservative, often very right-wing cupola, and that may well cause resentment, but she does have steel in her.
    Finally she is Catalan, which might not mean much to you lot, but is an important thing to be aware of. Very broadly speaking imagine a Scotland where all the Jocks speak Gaelic, thus making them different from the rest of the UK, that a significant proportion are independance-minded, and the majority wouldn't be against it either way.
    Chacon is anti-Spanish military, anti-militaristic, and inclined to independance or much greater autonomy/separation from Spain. Yet she has come to the job, to which she was appointed by a president who knows all this, and is making some very necessary decisions which previous ministers couldn't. The re-inforcement of Ceuta- Melilla is a big thing, it is a target for illegal immigrants and the fence is constantly under pressure. Deployment could also be seen as imperialistic and could annoy the muslims, so on that level it is courageous.

    Would she shy away from making the hard decisions? I think not, though the pres. might. Also a couple of years back under the previous govt. to save cash they hired a very dodgy Ukranian Yak 42 tpt aircraft to bring troops back from Afghanland. It ploughed in killing twelve crew and sixty two soldiers on their way home. Chacon would not allow that to happen, or she would make sure that heads would roll immediately and not cover up as the govt. of the time did.

    Give her a chance, she will make mistakes but I think she could do OK.

    Now what do you think, red stockings or black?