Spanish Casserole

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by DieHard, Dec 16, 2012.

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  1. I'm about to use a Colmans packet and cook it in my new slow cooker, The ingredients suggested look a bit bland.
    Any ideas to make it a bit more exotic? Because its the slow cooker I can add as I go along or nip to the shop for extra spices.
    My Mrs is on her chinstrap so I wanna do something nice for her and the kids
  2. Black olives? I've got a Spanish casserole slow cooking in the oven right now - chicken thighs and legs, red onion, black olives, chopped tomatoes and spices...
  3. I'm gonna get some olives now, what Spices are you using? I'm using diced pork, red and orange peppers onion, carrots and some fir potatoes
  4. Paprika, cayenne pepper, dried thyme, dried parsley, herbs de provence.
  5. Hallucinogenic drugs ground well in a pestle & mortar prior...............................................only saying like!

    In all seriousness I find these packets not adequate enough if using in a slow cooker thats fairly full (3 lt capacity) and usually use 2 together.
  6. I have used two packets and gonna add some extra spice and just found some mushrooms in the fridge so they are going in too
  7. I'll be round !

    Incidentally sliced chorizo always assists in giving some bite.
  8. Are they 'magic' ones? :)
  9. Slice up a chorizo sausage and bung that in too.
  10. I'm going to the shop now.
    Just been looking at some puppies

    ... .... .. -
  11. Beaten to it, yes, slices of chorizo do the trick.

    I sometimes do a lovely one with green lentils, potatoes and chorizo, real cold weather food.
  12. "real cold weather food"

    See also Ox tail stew,slow cooked in Aga bottom oven for ten hours.Lovely with crisp jacket spuds in Aga for 90 minutes.
  13. yes, bung them in..........but brown them over first !
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  14. Chorizo is great in a beef stew I sometimes add it on the second or third day to spin it out a bit.
  15. I concur, reasonably priced too.