Spanish (and our other Euro-buddies) Contribution to Iraq

Having just seen on this morning's news that we may be sending more troops to the cess pit next to Kuwait I can't help but feel that once again the good old UK is being expected to do far more than her fair share.

Isn't it about time that somebody got a grip of these pathetic other nations (in the loosest sense of the word) who spend all year moaning and bleating about the size and shape of the 'Euro-banana' or what colour we are allowed to paint our double decker buses (provided, of course, that they comply with the latest Euro-directive on seating material)? How can Spain be allowed simply to take their ball home and stop playing halfway through the game? And, more importantly, what about those supposed European Giants (France, Germany etc) - they are happy enough to whinge about not being awarded construction contracts but are seemingly unwilling to make a meaningful military contribution - apart from a few policemen. Germany shouldn't even be able to hide behind its constitution anymore - but somehow manges to.

Why do we always end up as the fall guys with the shitty end of the Euro-stick? Surely the Blair witch can't be expecting too much enthusiasm for a united Europe when it will clearly be only selectively united at the behest of spineless Eurocrats too busy stuffing their faces with bratwurst to actually do anything.

Does that sound like an uneducated rant? If so, sorry but I feel marginally better for it. :(

Britain is holding talks with its coalition allies about the possibility of sending more soldiers to Iraq.
It follows an urgent review of troop numbers following Spain's decision to withdraw its 1,300-strong force.

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said Britain was discussing "a range of options" with coalition partners.

BBC defence correspondent Paul Adams said this could mean deploying extra troops outside the British-controlled south of the country.
I'm quite sure that with a lot of huffing and puffing the army will find additional troops that they would need

Nicholas Soames
Shadow defence spokesman
Thank you Mr. Soames . I think that told us in great big glowing neon FRO letters, just what the Conservatives will be doing, as regards Defence Spending if you get in.

So doing more with less, and pointing out the dangers inherent in overstretch is just "Huffing and Puffing"?

Oh well.

On top of this , The Cousins are now saying, "If you Limeys can do so much better , there are a few trouble spots that we'll give to you"

Can't have anything upsetting Dubya's bid to steal another election can we? Photos of Old Glory draped coffins can do that for election prospects.

And of course, Bluppet ( May his name resound through the halls of history for 1000 years etc etc) will just say yes to everything , as he tries to secure his place in the annals of History.

What are you going to do if John Kerry wins Prime Minister?


"Huffing and Puffing"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did the fat old fool really say that - in public??? Out loud???

Well it's unusual for me, but I can't think of anything apropriate to say because I'm too stunned.

And here was I hoping my invite to the sandbox had been lost for another year or so - maybe I spoke too soon.

Thing is though, why are we surprised by the line the French and Germans take ? At the time they told us in no uncertain terms that if we went in without the UN we were on our own. Well, we went in anyway and guess what ? We're on our own.

We're the fall guys because our PM was stupid enough to fall for the crap being spouted by the fool running the USA these days. Other European nations are now looking at the mess the US has produced by acting against their advice and are taking the attitude "you made it, you clear it up." And as we are acting as the 51st state in this affair we get our share of the pain as well.

And as far as Spain is concerned, the huge swing away from the old govt was more a protest against their stupid attempts to spin the Madrid bombing rather than a vote to leave Iraq.
If Bliar had tried the UN route properly, we wouldn't be in this situation. We should send that lying shit out there, to clear minefields with a pogo stick!
Ethel our euro friends are not telling us what colour to paint double decker buses as they have already put the procedure in place to ban them. Instead we will have to use those bendy things you see in Bielefeld which by pure coincidence are only built in France and Germany.

And as for the French taking the moral - Get the UN approval - line, which country was it put up the greatest opposition in the UN.
Now call me an old cynic but the weekend revelations about how certain people in the UN and certain French middlemen have been making millions from the oil for food programme is it any wonder the French didn't want that particular little trough being stopped.

Hasn't there also been several high profile court cases in France and Germany recently where the French State Oil Coy has been receiving favours and contracts in return for slipping German political parties campaign dosh.

When it comes to morality in geo-politics the French have only one rule FRANCE.


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dui-lai said:
Ballocks, I'd better dig those dessies out of the actic! I only just put them there!
If this is anything to go by, you won't be the only one.... - IRAQ - Another 3000 UK troops.pdf

( if the link doesn't work, the Daily Mail's story is
' another 3,000 Troops for Iraq')

Presumably, someone's taken a look at the potential footprint we are being asked to take on and gone

' Fcuking hell, another box of squaddies...'

Oh, and BTW, did anyone else see the German NBCD contingent parked up in the vehicle park in US base in Kuwait city last year ? Or was I hallucinating again ? I'll put it down to hyponaetremia,just.

Can't say I spotted La Legion Etrangere anywhere in evidence though but... :roll:

Le Chevre
Yip, saw the Krauts there in Doha last year. Must have got lost or were they there from the last gulf war and just couldn't be bothered to go home?

Thought the FFL would jump at the chance of going to the desert to relive those glorydays! Never mind, having a spineless worm for a President put paid to that.
The Boxheads had been there as part of a monitoring force. They were withdrawn when Mr Chirac told Schroder that France wouldn't support the loss of backsheesh removing Mad Sad would entail.


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mushroom said:
The Boxheads had been there as part of a monitoring force. They were withdrawn when Mr Chirac told Schroder that France wouldn't support the loss of backsheesh removing Mad Sad would entail.
Ach So ? And the bunch of Bundeswehr that I saw in Camp Doha
(which, confusingly for some, is in Kuwait City, nowhere near Doha) back in June 03 were.....Not Required On Voyage ?......missed the boat, perhaps ?......looking for Rommel and The Lost Afrika Korps [1]? droll.


for some desperate Bliar back-pedalling on ' Additional 3,000 Brits for Iraq'

<< 'ya personne 'ci que nous, les poussins!>>

Le Chevre

[1] The legendary StreifGruppe Frikadelle....200 lost souls rumoured to wander the whispering desert sands, having mutinied after Alamein and motored south into the Empty Quarter, after shooting their officers and kidnapping an Italian Wireless Telegraphy company (largely composed of nubile Sophia Loren lookalikes) to go with them,helpless slaves of their unchained bestial desires...etc...etc[ okay,that's enough pulp Fiction.Ed].
Thanks for the link, Goatman. How nice to see Bliar discomfited as his toadying to Bush comes home to roost. Let us hope that the Opposition make the most of it.

Bliar continues to produce stunning examples of double standards -

In the Commons, Mr Blair infuriated sections of his own backbenchers by supporting the American approach, which has included heavy bombardments of sections of the town every night this week.

"It is perfectly right and proper that they take action against those insurgents," said the prime minister.

"If American soldiers are being fired on, American soldiers are going to have to fire back."

He added: "I deeply regret any civilian death in Falluja, but it's necessary that order is restored."
So we should in fact have flattened half of NI a few years ago then, so we could restore order.

Mr Blair, under pressure from opposition parties in the Commons, tried to sidestep the issue...
So, no change there.

"At the present time, we believe we have sufficient troops," he told MPs.
= 'We have cut back so much we haven't got any more troops to send, and even if we did they'd have no desert kit' - again.

When is the election?
Goatman- either quote the Grauny thingy or speak French. Doing both suggests that perhaps we should ask the G2 wallahs to give you the onceover (always assuming you're not one of them already).

Apres moi la plume de ma tante.


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mushroom said:
Goatman- either quote the Grauny thingy or speak French. Doing both suggests that perhaps we should ask the G2 wallahs to give you the onceover (always assuming you're not one of them already).

Apres moi la plume de ma tante.
G2? Tchah! bring 'em on......

I've always been One of's you sir, who may be one of Them
(keep watching the skies....the Black Helicopters are always waiting, just over the horizon y'know!) .

The French thing is 'cos the Outlaws had a place there for about 10 years and it was handy to be able to say things like

<< Can i borrow your ladder mate ?>>

I even went so far as to attend Beaconsfield for an exam - can't say it's earned me a groat thus far though! Shoulda done Arabic instead.

Le Chevre

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