Spaniel troubles.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by X59, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. X59

    X59 LE

    My working cocker spaniels are suffering from a build up of snow under their paws every time we go out the door these days.

    They're still keen as mustard to go beating, but can hardly walk after five minutes.

    Any top tips that can minimise the problem ?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. I used to have that happen with the boy: I found that a good trim of the feathers reduced a lot of it (the build up started there and just balled up, covering his feet).

    Same thing with his tail: a good close trim kept the problem at bay.
  3. trim the hair round their paws and the hair inbetweeen the pads and perhaps trim the leg feather back,unless you show them,I had my cocker done by a dog trimmer and he always asked do you want a show cur or a working cut
  4. Stinky Ginger Bathmat has the same problem. You need to trim their paws back to nothing.

    Good luck. It does work.

    Unless you want your dogs to wear gay shoes.
  5. You might need someone to hold the head the first time you do this. It's better to get them used to this early on.
  6. X59

    X59 LE

    Thanks for the advice folks. I'll get right onto it.
  7. I'd use electric clippers if you can, rather than scissors. I know spaniels are daft but I managed to cut my springer to the bone using scissors to trim between his toes and only noticed when the blood was flowing - he never even moved.

    I use the Wahl type from Argos (item 870/2520).

    Not cheap but after fiddling about with other useless types the "get what you pay for" adage certainly applies here and they also cut main body hair no problem at all during the summer.

  8. Trimming the feathers helps but if temperatures are below -10 ice wedges will still build up between the pads. When all else fails I fit shoes to my dog, he hates them, but it's better than him going lame. The first ones I had were little more than the pouch dressing covers the vets use to keep wounded paws clean, very effective, but the dog lost traction important in the woods. Now there are decent rubber soled versions on the market.

    Hundeschuhe günstig bei zooplus
  9. I have this same problem when I'm walking my springer... she doesn't seem to have problems until a good half an hour into the walk but after that I have to clear one of her paws every 5mins. I've christened her 'hop-along' :) Will try trimming the hair tomorrow - should be fun trying to get her to sit still!

    The other problem apart from snow and ice inbetween her pads is grit and stones, only gonna get worse between now and when the snow melts
  10. Ours also gets a "skirt" of snow balls round her chest. Looks ridiculous, but probably doesn't do her any harm. The foot thing is a problem, though. Will try the hair clipping. Thanks.
  11. Trim seems best solution but ice problem seems worse this year, thougt it was my new dogs they have quite splayed pads. Snow staying like powder where I am. Like the idea of the boots. With putties?
  12. X59

    X59 LE

    F'kin hell mate, hope we've not started ANOTHER boot thread !
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I find that trimming works, we have 13 spaniels, the worst bit is the frozen grass which rips the skin of their nads, bleeding cherry plums arent a pretty sight!
  14. Hair nets on the ears help, could try socks
  15. some doggy boots might be the only thing

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