Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Farmerbleep, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. I've got a problem with America and I don't know if it's me or are they really a bunch of wankers.

    Thing is, I like being British. I love this country - born and bred here - but I can't abide all this American sh*t. We now buy things from the "chiller cabinet" instead of the fridge, my computer spell checks in American, every default is American and it's getting on me tits.

    On the UK version of the BBC news, 3 out of 5 headlines are about America. George Dubya is an idiot who'se left a legacy of destruction, who'se caused all the trouble in the world and we are left with the clean up job AND the bill! Blair and Brown have gone the same way and will get away with all sorts of things. it pisses me off.

    Our foreign policy is joined up with theirs, so is our economy and i'm wondering where did it all go wrong? As countries go, we seem to be financially, culturally, and morally bankrupt.

    I remember when the news was local first, then national, then international and i'm only 40-odd. Look at it now! We all know who the president of America is but who knows who the president of Canada or Australia is without looking it up?

    I just want to be British and proud of it - not some yankee lapdog.

    comments on the back of a used fiver to the usual address please.

    PS - i'd add a pole but i'm a biff.
  2. I'm taking a soda from the cooler. Put in on the tab.
  3. I'm just going for a drive in my stick-shift Chevrolet, won't be long.
  4. I just love these flared pants, they'll go great with my truckers hat and Dodge.

    So it's safe to say you don't like the spams then?
  5. How quaint. Do you know the Queen personally?
  6. As a American I have to ask what the hell is a chiller cabinet? Never heard that word before now fridge yea ive heard that before its a shortened version of refridgerator.

    I dont think anyone in US has ever refered to a fridge as chill cabinet. The term sounds like a translation of some european term for refidgerator that has be translated into english. Its probally french and there using the EU to force UK to use there termanology.
  7. What goes around comes around. I can just imagine Gandhi saying something similar about us.
  8. We had an advert on the telly a while back where a certain product could be found in the 'chiller cabinet' and it was said with an american inflection.

    Oh - I actually don't mind Americans - i've got some cousins in NYC, NY state and Massachusetts and I get on fine with them - we go skiing every year together. My beef is about the erosion of all things British. Don't confuse the two.
  9. WAH!

    there is no president for canada for australia as they're in the commonwealth!
  10. I really can't fecking stand the "Just for men" ad with the two annoying daughters and their grating accents ! "You'd be a really nice catch for somebody." "Puh-leeez !" :x AAAARRRRGGGHHH ! :x

    But language is a progressive thing, we have plenty of words in our language that have been taken under our wing because we had an empire once, that includes parts of the U.S.A. !

  11. Like the 'beef' that Farmer has.
  12. Ah but do go confusing Californianisms with USisms!

    I've got a couple of friends in North Carolina, and the bloke's blood always boils whenever someone on the TV says 'soda'. As far as he is concerned the term is 'pop'. :D
  13. That was like so unbelievably awesome dude ! But i'm like, whatever, okay.
  14. "PS - i'd add a pole but i'm a biff"

    How would that help? Most of them live here anyway don't they?! :wink: