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Spams violate LOAC?

Restrictive rules of engagement cause friendy casualties, if you need to do something to get the job done as long as it doesn't harm civvies then why not do it? Would you prefer that they risk lives by approaching and entering the building to arrest the naught fellow?
Use of MBT main armanent could be seen as disproportionate given the availability of other weapons eg co-ax MG. However, although the video is unclear, it appears there may be an escalation from, presumably, MG/30mm to 120mm as, presumably, the lighter weapons failed to take effect. It would be fair to ask the commander why this weapon was chosen, but a reasonable answer would probably that the sniper was behind cover and unaffected by lighter weapons. Were civilian casualties caused and should have been anticipated, then the reasonableness of that answer could be in doubt, to my mind. The full situation would need to be borne in mind, however - what realistic alternatives were there?

British forces have used MBT main armament and CAS on 'insurgents' in 'post-conflict' Iraq in justifiable circumstances.
It’s a bl**dy disgrace!! Everyone involved should be dragged into Court, that’s the worst camera work I have seen for years! What sort of lens were these amateurs using?! They will just have to go back and shoot the whole thing again.

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