SPAMs tell the Canuks to Shut the f*%K up!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. [c]Telegraph
  2. good on the cannuks, at least they still have freedom of speech.

    fuk the war hawk republicans, if they were living in 30's germany you would describe them as 'good nazis'
  3. Perhaps the US needs to remind themselves who their biggest trading partner is.

    Outragious. It couldn't be worse if they had told a US Senator to "Fcuk Himself".
  4. Maybe they should try that next?
  5. Way hay, lets have a re run of 1812!
  6. And on that note...a properly Canadian apology? An oldie but it still fits. :lol:

  7. Trudeau already did it.

    "Fcuk off."
    comment alleged to have been made to an opposition MP in the House of Commons directed at the Americans

    "I've been called worse things by better people."
    comment about being called "that asshole" by Richard Nixon

    "Mr. Montgomery, there are only two things I do in bed. One of them is sleep and I wouldn't let you photograph the other one."

    Reporter: Will you give up the Mercedes?
    Trudeau: Are you talking about the car now, or the girl?
    Reporter: The car.
    Trudeau: I won't give up either.

    "It's not a perfect job, but it sure beats working."

    "Oh, for Christ's sake, shut up."
    to an MP heckling him in the House of Commons, May 4, 1977

    "If you don't stop that, I'll kick you right in the ass."
    to a young protester throwing wheat at him in Regina, July 16, 1969

    A true statesman!
  8. Repeat of 1812? Now there's an expeditionary operation that will have the country on its side, morale soaring, and do wonders for recruitment and retention. There's a reason why the tanky people go to Canada for their training!
  9. The Bush administration is:

    1. Demanding anti-dumping duties on Canadian softwoods exports notwithstanding WTO ruling that Canadian importers didn't engage in illicit "dumping" at impermissibly low prices.

    2. Refusing to remit on what amounts to a money judgment by the WTO for anti-dumping duties heretofore collected.

    3. Proposing that Canada enter into "negotiations" about this softwoods matter in which Canada already prevailed in a tribunal which the US government was a leading force in organizing.

    4. Demanding that persons who cross USA/Canadian border, including Canadian citizens and Canadian landed immigrants, tender passports. This proposal includes US citizens returning home after visiting Canada.

    5. Demanding that Canadian federal and provincial governments reverse recent liberalization of Canadian marijuana possession laws.

    These episodes have gotten zero play on American television news and only cursory mention in some American newspapers.

    I sense that there is some scheme or purpose behind all this but I'm stuck on what it might be.
  10. Its a slightly more polite way of telling the Canuks to "shut the f**k up".
  11. And I thought we had a special relationship with the US...... We take part in their war on terror, bail them out south of baghdad, yet we can't open their gizmos because we might release their secrets.........

    Well done canada, while you're at it, why not ban fat backsided yanks from your smorgasbord restaurants - they're already had all they should eat.
  12. like bill hicks said, the repukes dont want the american people looking north to notice that they havent got it any better and are being being duped
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Chiqita, it might be an oldy Over There but thanks for that - LoL bigstyle !....

    .....y'know, i've always LIKED Canadians......(even if he did forget Avril Lavigne )[​IMG]


    Le Chevre
  14. This was great, may be old but I'd not seen it before. Frankly I think we should help the Canadians and join in with a bit of 'Bush Bashing' If we could avoid attacking Texas though...getting tired of going on ops to fcuking hot countries and being there for the oil. Perhaps the Iranians could have that in their sector?
  15. Ottawa's retort?

    WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) - The Canada Border Services Agency has set a provisional anti-dumping duty of 58 U.S. cents a bushel on unprocessed grain corn imported from the United States, and a provisional countervailing duty of US$1.07 a bushel, the Canada Border Services Agency said on Thursday.

    The total duty will be US$1.65 on U.S. imports. The duties will be effective immediately.

    Canada imposes duties on unprocessed U.S. corn
    Thu Dec 15, 2005 2:27 PM EST