Spam's questions on the UDR in Operation BANNER

My unit is soon to be deployed to Iraq, and I have been reading up on the history of 20th century counter insurgency doctrine. I have started to focus on one of the critical aspects of COIN; that of training and maintaining a well trained and evenhanded local security force. I have begun to read about the Ulster Defence Regiment and its security role during the Troubles. I would appreciate comments from former UDR members and soldiers in standard regiments on the following questions:

1. Were the UDR battalions more effective at reducing violence and maintaining security in NI than regular army battalions on rotation?

2. How difficult or easy was it to recruit personnel into a regiment that would see service in NI, PERMANENTLY; what were their motivations for signing up?

3. How well did UDR battalions work with the units on rotation?

4. How did the populace (catholic and protestant) view the UDR? (to what extent did the history of the RUC's B specials poison the air?)

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