Spams kill Iraqi cops in blue/blue

How does that saying go? Something about all the gear...... :(
This quote from Reuters UK....

"We were chasing a car when the Americans fired at us," Mohammed said from his hospital bed.

"They continued firing for about an hour despite our pleas for them to stop and to tell them we are police and security."

God Bless America.
An Hour?!?!?!

Don't the Spams have any interpreters at their VCPs?

Fuckwits. I can understand a blue/blue in the heat of the moment but an hour fer Chrisakes!!
Now...yes, it is stupid.

Instead of just slating the poor-macho-brainless-gung-ho fools i wiuld like to throw a comment into the conversation... it wise to associate ourselves with soldiers of this instability?

...might it perhaps rub-off on our own troops?

...can you see that this is, in the eyes of non-coalition countries, tarnishing our reputation?

...discuss at leisure. Spams welcome! :D
an hour...

M16:800 rounds per min


That's a lot of rounds...

then times 48,000 by the number of american soldiers.

That really is a lot of rounds... 8O
dont mention it in GI Jargon, youll get banned. :roll: :roll:
The Indy reported they managed to hose off quite a number of 40mm grenades into the bargain, getting a couple into the hospital opposite. The Iraqi pigwagons even had their blues and twos on!! but they still didn't get it! Something tells me they weren't on the same radio net, either..
This sort of thing, it just makes you wonder just what training they recieve, i mean i know tensions must be really high and stressful but this dosen't happen with our army.
I'd like to think my ACF cadets (maybe even the 12yr old recruits) would choose caution before shooting in such a scenario. I mean while i was there a made sure they knew that it was required to identify a target before opening fire. :(

Can't promise they would but i'm sure that even if they did open fire they'd get pretty bored of it in under an hour and peel their fingers of their triggers.
Whilst crossing the Kuwait/Iraqi border, we were halted as the EOD lads were doing a mine disposal or two. In front of us was an American wagon with a few squaddies in the back. As soon as the explosion happened the Yanks were hard targeting like men possesed, and only by the grace of God and sh1t weapon handling drills the 50 cal gunner couldnt cock his weapon try as hard as he might. Scary thought if he had wonders what would have happened...
Brit reaction, ohhhh that must be the EOD det at work then... you got a brew on as we will be here for sometime. The weapons in the wagons not even looked at.
Apparently the Iraqi witnesses were all wrong - the firefight only lasted 30 seconds, the police didn't raise their hands, didn't shout 'Police' in English, weren't pursued when they tried to take cover in a hospital which the spams then didn't shoot at.

Marvellous what can be achieved (and so quickly), with an internal investigation and no external oversight.

Why didn't we think of that when Maj Biastre made his allegations against Col Collins?
Good thing about those apple pie eating all American boys is their honesty, thanks to their college education if they say they were under attack, whether by driveby terrorists dressed as police chasing other terrorists, a cable car company secretly having a cable stretched across one of its jets flight paths or a Brit Tornado jet looking suspiciously like a Mig about to unload its deadly cargo on allied forces, then theyve got to be telling the truth, no need for an investigation lasting longer than "get a body count?".
God bless America, cos nobody else will.

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