Spams get new combat shirts

Very futuristic looking, looks like a good idea for use out in Iraq/Afghanistan though
Yep an all we get is combat 95, Keeps you hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. And the colour fades the moment you wash it.

Someone please design us some new kit

The new improved Army combat shirt for women will be issued to Soldiers deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.
The blokes will be pleased. ;)


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It's not just the women. It's basically a 'coolmax' torso with standard sleeves. It's designed to be worn under body-armour.

Both the US military and the UK are looking into it as we speak.
I've seen homemade versions of this being used by our guys in Iraq. They had basically stitched the desert shirt sleeves onto the zip neck whicking t-shirt that you get issued. It actually makes good sense when you are always wearing body armour.
'pprantly the flags like that so...ahem "the stars lead the way"
I thought coolmax was supposed to be bad news because it melts rather than scorches when exposed to heat...?

Anyway her triceps appear to be larger than mine so it's a "wouldn't" from me :p Bet she's got no eyes behind those wraparounds as well
Hold back the rants !! We do have the same style shirt, cammo arms with elbow padding and base layer type torso. It was being trialled by 20th Armoured towards the end of Telic 8, and by all accounts was a good bit of kit. I would think its in general circulation now for Herrick and Telic.

There was even a top with built in aircon, but that was a not as effective and still at an early stage.

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